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¡Muy chungo! – Notes in Spanish L!VE

The new Notes in Spanish L!VE video blogging adventure continues. Today we talk about a few of our favourite phrases, first of all focusing on the wonderful, and pretty informal, Chungo:

Las cosas se han puesto chungas – Things have got pretty hectic/tricky/difficult.

Lo veo muy chungo – I think it’s going to be difficult (e.g. to get a certain project done by Monday).

¿Qué tal tu abuelo? … Pues está muy chungo – How is your grandfather? … He’s in a pretty bad way.

Other phrases from today’s video blog:

Hasta el 40 de mayo no te quites el sayo – this great phrase basically means it could still get a bit chilly any time up until about June 10th. After that you can pack your coat away!

Se está de miedo – It’s lovely (in this case the weather)

Estamos en la gloria… estamos de maravilla… estamos estupendamente… estamos guay – we are super happy, comfortable and contented (in this case about the wonderful temperatures)!

Le llevo dos años – I’m two years older than her

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