Seeking more spanish groups! Send us a photo!

Remember that great photo and letter from Jim’s class in Perth? We’re still waiting for the next class or group to join in! Send us a picture of your class and a quick run down on who and where you are (use Jim’s class as a template), and we’ll publish it here and mention you on the podcast. We love to hear from all you guys out there learning this wonderful language, so why not let us, and each other, know who you are? Venga, chicos, ¡animaos!

2 thoughts on “Seeking more spanish groups! Send us a photo!

  1. Lisa Marshall Velasquez

    Marina and Ben,

    Thanks! I love your podcasts and have used some of them with our group. Unfortunately, we can’t send you a photo because the members of our group have never met in-person!!

    Here’s the link to our group…

    We use SKYPE (like you do for lessons) for group spanish conversations. Both learners (all levels) and native speakers, using their computers, come together for weekly conversations in small groups. We now have over 100 members from Argentina, Spain, England, as well as across the US. It’s free, I’m not trying to sell anything. I just wanted more flexibility for my own conversation practice.

    Marina–we’d love to have you join one of our group conversations or perhaps at least come once as a “guest speaker”. Or perhaps we could create a joint “skypecast” event? I am open to suggestion.

    I love the quality of your podcasts and they really help our intermediate and advanced level speakers. Thanks for your efforts and I hope we “meet” sometime via Skype.

    Lisa M. Velasquez

  2. Marina

    Hi Lisa,

    What a great idea!
    I’ve just joined your group as spanishmarina.
    I’ll be delighted to join one of your skypecasts probably this weekend, but I don’t know yet if it will be Saturday or Sunday. I’ll let you now as soon as I can via a PM in the forum.


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