“The exact techniques I use to understand Spanish people no matter what speed they are speaking at, and hugely expand my vocabulary in the process…”


This is Ben, writing from Madrid.

We recently surveyed over a thousand of our listeners for feedback on what they most needed help with, and one thing kept coming up:

“It seems like Spanish speakers are talking way too fast – I really need to work on my ability to understand them”

I can totally relate to that!

When I first met my Spanish wife Marina, 9 years ago, she would take me round to lunch with the in-laws, her family.

Something you only find out once you’ve been exposed to it, is that when Spanish people get together, they don’t just make your life difficult by talking to you at full speed.

They all talk at once! At the speed of light!

Five Spanish conversations can be going on at once, and at least three of them are directed at you!

The result isn’t fun. No matter how good you think your Spanish is, you simply don’t have time to process what you are hearing.

By the time you think up a clever Spanish response, they are already five sentences down the line.

So you get back to trying to understand what they are saying, and wind up never opening your mouth.

All Marina’s family thought I was either boring, painfully shy, or worst of all, just plain rude.

I needed to learn how to listen better, and fast

At the time I was teaching people how to learn English, here in Madrid. This made me realise two things:

If I was teaching people how to listen to English better, then surely I could apply the same techniques to how I listened to and learned Spanish.

Much more importantly, at my academy I was surrounded by professional teachers with endless years of experience (quite a few of them had even written books about teaching) who would definitely know how I could learn to listen better.

So I set out on a crash course in language learning techniques.

Up until then I’d relied entirely on combining my motivation with the time-tested ‘learning by osmosis’.

It had worked pretty well up until then, but as soon as I started learning about real techniques I could use in the field, I realised I could accelerate the ‘osmosis’ method dramatically.

How I cracked the code to total listening comprehension

The first, and possibly best, piece of advice I got from one of the most experienced teachers I worked with, was as follows:

“Just start out by trying to understand the main topics of conversation as they fly past”.

Next meal with the future in-laws, I put it to the test. I stopped grappling for every single syllable and just made sure I got the main topic of every rapidly changing conversation.

Something extraordinary happened. As soon as I worked out the main subject of every exchange, so many more of the other words and phrases started to fall into place.

What’s more, when they stopped to ask me a question, I had a much better chance of coming up with an acceptable answer quickly, much to their surprise.

I came away from the meal feeling far less exhausted than usual, and like my Spanish had taken one of those magic leaps up to the next level.

Best of all, Marina said: “My mother told me you seemed much more ‘participativo’ today”.

Hurray! On my way to winning over the in-laws!

The following week I went straight back to the same teacher and asked for more advice.

I poured over my own teaching materials to see what I could apply from what I already knew.

The result was a set of techniques that I could immediately put into practice with, frankly, astonishing results.

Marina’s family and friends decided I wasn’t just a shy Englishman anymore as I started to properly join in their conversations.

I understood more than I ever imagined possible of the conversations I was hearing, and left family meals, for the first time ever, without a splitting headache. They actually became fun!

Best of all, a lot of the new vocab and phrases I was learning were sticking in my memory, now that so much stress had been taken out of the equation.

We realised that we could help

So when we got the recent results from our survey, and saw that so many people were going through the exact same problems I’ve faced, it made total sense to try and help.

Marina and I realised that we could share these exact same techniques, combined with the unique Notes in Spanish “Real Spanish” approach, to solve these same problems for those learning Spanish with us.

I sat down for a week straight and planned out a strategy. I pulled together all the advice I’d received and techniques I’d put into practice over the years to achieve total Spanish listening comprehension and massively increase my vocab at the same time.

Marina joined me with all the tactics she’d employed when she had to face the same situations in English with my family and friends.

Then we spent four weeks solid recording brand new audio, and working on the best worksheets we’ve ever put together.

The result is a program that is guaranteed to rocket your Spanish listening abilities and vocabulary up to the next level.

Our Inspired Beginner and Intermediate listeners will jump straight up to the next level without having to leave home.

Announcing: “Real Spanish Control” – The System Designed To Help You Dramatically Increase Your Spanish Listening Skills, Confidence, and Vocabulary

Real Spanish Control goes beyond traditional teaching materials as it combines cutting edge techniques with real Spanish conversations, on real world topics.

Not only that, but it includes a carefully designed action-tracker to make sure you follow the course in the right order and know exactly where to go next to carry on improving.

Some of the things you’ll be learning as you work through the audio in the first five modules:

  • A crucial technique for improving your main language acquisition and comprehension skills
  • A task to prove it works on the Real Spanish Conversation in each module
  • Key vocabulary related to each of the main real-world themes
  • One of our favourite ‘secret’ tips for accelerating your Spanish learning process.

Each module also includes:

  • The Real Spanish Conversation – 10 minutes of genuine, unscripted Spanish conversation between Marina and I on the main module theme, audio that won’t be released anywhere else
  • More of our trademark, straight from the streets ‘Real Spanish’ phrases connected to each main theme

From the word go, the action tracker will lead you through the system to make sure you achieve the most from our 6 main modules.

The First 5 Modules: Real World Themes = Real World Understanding

We’ve chosen to work with 5 up-to-date topics that will prepare you for real-world conversation and listening situations, as well as the materials you’ll encounter later as you move up through the higher levels of the ‘Notes in Spanish’ system.

The first five modules, including over 2 hours of exclusive new audio, cover the following themes:

  • Module 1 – Technology
  • Module 2 – Travel
  • Module 3 – Lifestyle
  • Module 4 – Environment
  • Module 5 – Culture

“Then you get to see how it all works together…”

Finally, when you are ready, we come to:

  • Module 6 – The Mystery Listening

In module six we take away the safety nets. No tips, no helping hand with the vocab. Here is where you put all your training from the first five modules to the test with another Real Conversation on an unannounced topic.

Don’t worry, you cannot fail when you apply everything you’ll have learned so far in the program.

The Worksheets: It’s not just about the audio

The worksheets that accompany Real Spanish Control are the most complete we’ve ever put together. Each one contains the following:

  • A complete list of all the key vocabulary presented in the module’s audio so you have a record to keep going back to.
  • A full transcript of the real Spanish conversation
  • A full translation of the conversation in English so you don’t miss a single word or phrase
  • Exercises designed to improve your comprehension and to help you store the key words from the module in your memory, ready to access later in an instant!
  • Vocab Building exercises to increase your Spanish knowledge bank.
  • Homework – Don’t skip it! It’s designed to take you even further into the module’s theme.
  • Making the Jump! Suggestions for other related audio at higher levels for you to listen to. (We also include extra worksheets from the higher levels so that you get to try out the techniques we are teaching you immediately.)

The “One Hour Private Lesson” Audio Bonus

Real Spanish Control addresses some of the most important questions raised by our listeners in our recent survey, mainly how to improve listening comprehension and confidence in tricky listening environments, whilst increasing your Spanish vocabulary.

But that still left a lot of other questions unanswered. We decided to do something about that too.

We sat down at our living room table and recorded answers to the most important questions raised when we asked you the following question: what would you most like to cover if you had a one hour private lesson with Ben and Marina.

In this extra hour of audio, we cover topics including:

  • Methods you can use right now for remembering lots of vocabulary
  • How to improve and advance your conversational skills
  • How to build confidence in speaking
  • How to sound more like a Spanish person and less like a tourist
  • How to keep a Spanish conversation going smoothly, seemingly without effort
  • How to start using a wider range of different tenses in conversation
  • How long you can afford to ignore the subjunctive!

Plus a range of somewhat "interesting" questions, including:

  • How real Spanish people talk about tragedies in the family(!)
  • Polite ways to ask spanish speakers to slow down or repeat what they say
  • How to roll your ‘r’s, even if you think you are beyond help
  • What to say if you need to complain about something in a restaurant
  • How to swear… but not too rudely
  • Why the ‘c’ word is so acceptable in everyday Spanish speech

Warning: As you can see, some “inappropriate” language is used in this bonus recording. Do not listen to this bonus audio if you are easily offended.

The Big question: is Real Spanish Control right for you?

Real Spanish Control might be a good fit for you, and it might not.

Hopefully by now you’ve started to get an idea of whether or not it can help you move forward with your Spanish, increasing your listening abilities, confidence in Spanish speaking situations, and vocabulary bank.

If you think it’s a good fit for you, that’s great.

If not, that’s totally fine as well.

We put Real Spanish Control together with a very particular group of Spanish learners in mind.

Who Real Spanish Control is Most Designed to Help

We put this together with both our Inspired Beginners, and Early-Intermediate Students in mind. If you fall into one of these categories then we strongly suggest you consider investing in Real Spanish Control.

1) Inspired Beginners

At the upper end of the beginners level it is common to start to feel frustrations setting in.

Real Spanish conversations are still a minefield (or a complete headache!), and you can sometimes feel you lack the vocabulary necessary to ever join in on a wide range of conversations.

The techniques we teach you in Real Spanish Control are designed to help with these exact problems.

You will be able to understand far more of Spanish conversations once you have completed the main modules, and your vocabulary will be vastly enhanced.

Our Intermediate level audio and videos will be instantly accessible, and we are pretty sure that those who really put these skills into practice will be able to start understanding some of the material at the Notes in Spanish Advanced level.

If you consider yourself an Inspired Beginner, then Real Spanish Control will be VERY valuable to you.

2) Early-Intermediates

The first steps at the intermediate level can feel like a whole new world… and, if you’ve been there for a while without much guidance, a bit of a sticking point.

As an early Intermediate student, you are able to participate in and understand a far wider range of Spanish conversations than when you started out as a beginner, but it’s so easy to feel like you will never progress and make the leap up to Advanced.

That’s where Real Spanish Control comes in. You will be able to use the skills we teach you to surge forwards into the Advanced Spanish learning world, and, more importantly, to far better survive all the tests real-world Spanish situations can put you through.

Frankly, we believe that Real Spanish Control will give you Spanish learning and understanding techniques that will ROCKET you to a higher level of Spanish.

Who the program is NOT for

Although Real Spanish Control is designed to help learners at all levels, we don’t recommend you invest in this program if:

You already have Advanced Spanish listening and comprehension skills and consider you know how to get the most out of every Spanish conversation situation.

You are a confident, advanced spanish speaker and listener, with a vast range of Spanish language at your disposal, and well developed skills for acquiring new vocabulary.

What People Are Saying About Real Spanish Control

Indispensable… Loving Every Minute of it…

I’m deep into my Real Spanish Control studies and loving every minute of it. Even though you targeted it to Inspired Beginners and Intermediate students, I’m finding it very valuable. I usually listen to your Advanced podcasts, so I’m probably closest to the Advanced level. Even so, the Real Spanish Control package offers plenty of indispensable guidance and information. I think just about any fan of Notes in Spanish can benefit from it.”

Linda Fineman, North Carolina, USA

I am suddenly leaping to the next level!

I ordered Real Spanish Control last fall, and I must tell you how wonderful it is, and that I am totally addicted to it! I hope you will come out with other things like this. Frankly, where can you get a great course like this, with audio, for this price. You have unwittingly stumbled upon a unique and marvellous way of learning a language. I now feel that I am having much more fun with Spanish — which means, of course, that I am suddenly leaping to the next level!”

Roxane, California, USA

The investment for Real Spanish Control

The total investment for Real Spanish Control is just €47 Euros.

The real value of the program is MUCH higher, but for now we are dedicated to maintaining the incredibly low price of €47 Euros.

Notes in Spanish Guarantee

Our Simple, No Hoops To Jump Through, No Risk, 100% One Year Money Back Guarantee

Real Spanish Control is covered by our 100%, no questions asked, no hoops to jump though, one year guarantee.

If you aren’t completely satisfied that Real Spanish Control has increased your ability to understand spoken Spanish, increased your vocabulary, and helped you to reach a higher level of Spanish, just get in touch and we’ll give you your money back. It’s as simple as that.

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Speak soon!


P.S. By the way, there’s nothing “magical” about the techniques we teach in Real Spanish Control, even if it can seem that way. Yes, they did completely revolutionize my ability to understand and, as a result, join in with Spanish conversations.

That might seem like a lot to achieve right now, but think about it: if you’ve got this far with your Spanish, all you need to do is make a few small changes to the way you deal with and understand Spanish, and you will immediately feel more confident when you come face to face with higher level material and real Spanish situations.

And if you understand Spanish better and feel more confident about it, your conversation skills and your ability to ‘join in’ are going to improve immensely as well.

My point is that you CAN do this. Having got this far with your Spanish, you are just a few steps, a few key techniques, away from incredible results.

P.P.S. Remember, your success really is guaranteed. If you follow all of the steps we teach you in Real Spanish Control and you still don’t notice any difference to your Spanish, we’ll give you all your money back. So you really have nothing to lose.