How to Sound Totally Fluent in Spanish! – With Our “Top Ten REAL Spanish Phrases”

At Notes in Spanish we’re slightly obsessed with helping you learn Spanish phrases you’ll never find in a textbook, the real ones being used right now by real Spanish speakers!

Below are our "Top Ten" favourites. Slip a few of these phrases into your Spanish conversations and you’ll sound like a pro!

1. ¡Qué barbaridad!

Wow / I can’t believe it!

This is used when you see something totally excessive, e.g. ¡Qué barbaridad!, que de gente hay en el Metro = Wow, the Metro is packed!

2. El mundo es un pañuelo

It’s a small world

When you can’t believe you just bumped into your ex in China!

3. ¡Estoy loco/a por ti!

I’m crazy about you!

This is one of our favourite Spanish Love Phrases, and a bit more exciting than a simple ‘te amo’! Remember, men say ‘Estoy loco por ti’, women say ‘Estoy loca por ti’.

4. Esta tarta está de muerte

This cake is incredible

Not dead – just dead good. There are endless Spanish phrases for food, but we love this one, which can be used with all foods.

5. Eres un tiquismiquis

You are really fussy

Another Spanish food phrase, though this one isn’t only for people who are fussy about food and hardly eat anything, but also for people who are obsessive, e.g. about how their clothes are folded, keeping the house tidy etc.

6. No me tomes el pelo

Stop winding me up/pulling my leg

In Spain they pull the hair (pelo), rather than the leg!

7. ¡Eres un pesado!

You are a total pain!

You wouldn’t believe how many Spanish Phrases we have collected for complaining, and this is a classic (that’s best kept for family and close friends!)

8. ¡Qué mandón eres!

You are really bossy!

Wife to husband… sister to brother… you get the picture!

9. Estoy enganchado/a

To be hooked on something

Food, tele, learning Spanish phrases, anything you can get addicted to! E.g. Estoy enganchada con Perdidos, no me lo pierdo nunca = I’m addicted to Lost, I never miss an episode!

10. ¡Soy la leche!

I rock. I am the coooolest thing on the block.

Pretty informal – the kind of thing you would tell your friends once you start using all these cool Spanish phrases!

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