7 Very Cool Spanish Verbs


Continuing our obsession with the real Spanish you’ll never find in a text book or classroom, below we’ve listed 7 of our favourite verbs and some of the cool phrases that are usually made out of them. Occasionally we’ve added a cool related noun or proverb too!

All the phrases here are pretty slang, so make sure you only use them in informal settings.

1. Fastidiar – To bother

Cool Uses of Fastidiar:

Estoy un poco fastidiado – I’m not feeling very well

Tengo el pie fastidiado – I’ve hurt my foot

No me fastidies – I don’t believe it! When someone tells you some unbelievable, and bad, news, like interest rates are going up again, or your friend got fired…

2. Aprovechar – To make the most of

Cool Uses of Aprovechar:

Te estás aprovechando de mi – You are taking advantage of me

Vamos a aprovechar la hora feliz en la barra – let’s make the most of Happy Hour at the bar.

3. Merecer – To deserve

Cool Uses of Merecer:

¡Te lo mereces! – You deserve it!

Merece la pena – It’s worth it

4. Machacar – To Crush or Grind

Cool Uses of Machacar:

¡Estoy machacado! – I’m exhausted!

5. Currar – To Work

Cool Uses of Currar:

He currado un montón esta semana – I’ve worked really hard this week!

Assosiated Slang Noun:

El curro – work

¿Qué tal el curro? – How’s work?

6. Forrarse – To get rich

Cool Uses of Forrarse:

Se está forrando – He’s getting really rich

And an associated adjective…

Forrado – Rich

Este chico está forrado – That guy is really rich

7. Madrugar – To get up early

Associated cool nouns:

Voy a pegarme un madrugón – I’m going to get up really early

El es muy madrugador – He’s a really early riser

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