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Authentic Spanish Phrases – ¡No te pases!

In today’s video we share 5 authentic Spanish phrases that are both useful and will impress the locals!

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Vocab from today’s video:

¡No te pases! – Don’t go overboard
No es para tanto – It’s not worth all this fuss
No te hagas el interesante – Stop holding out on me
Cotilleo – Gossip
No te hagas el loco – Stop pretending you don’t know what I’m talking about
¡No te hagas el listo! – Stop being a know-it-all
Un sabelotodo – A know-it-all

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6 thoughts on “Authentic Spanish Phrases – ¡No te pases!”

  1. Frases geniales, muchas gracias. ¿Se cambia el articulo cuando hables con una mujer? Por exemplo, “no te hagas la interesante”, o “no te hagas la lista”. Gracias.

  2. Hi Ben and Marina

    Love the way you teach the everyday Spanish. Very enjoyable. I have been trying to learn Spanish for years, mainly holiday Spanish just to get by. Since I discovered your Notes In Spanish, I have improved a lot. The problem I have is trying to remember sentences to use in conversations. When I go to Spain it takes me a day or so to get the confidence to speak Spanish even though I can get by. So thank you for the teachings and I look forward to moving on to the other sections.

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