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Our dream house in the country!

In today’s video, we answer a question in Spanish about whether we ever got to live in our dream house in the country! Do remember to keep listening to our podcasts (combine them with the worksheets in our store to learn even more from the audios!)

Useful Spanish vocab. from the video:

Vivimos a las afueras de Madrid – We live in the outskirts of Madrid

Aprovechamos cada oportunidad para ir al campo – We make the most of every opportunity to go to the countryside

Una casa que compartimos con tres familias más – A house we share with three other families

Cada familia tiene un fin de semana al mes – Every family has one weekend a month

Es más barato alquilar una casa así – It’s cheaper to rent a house like that

En verano vamos a los Pirineos todo el tiempo que podemos – In the summer we go the Pyrenees for as long as we can

En cuanto podemos nos escapamos – We escape whenever we can

Yo todavía tengo el sueño de vivir en el campo – I still dream of living in the countryside

Yo me crié en el campo cerca de Oxford – I grew up in the countryside near Oxford

Se crió en pleno centro de Madrid – She grew up right in the middle of Madrid

Sigue un poco en el aire – It’s still a bit up in the air

Ya veremos, ya os contaremos – We’ll see, we’ll let you know.