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Gente vs Personas and Slang! Spanish Q and A

Up in the forest above Cercedilla we answer a listener question about the difference in Spanish between Gente and Persona, plus we add a cool slang alternative – Peña. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see new videos!

Vocab from the video:

Es una persona muy interesante – He/she is a very interesting person

La gente está encantada con la llegada del buen tiempo – People are delighted with the arrival of the good weather

A la gente le gusta mucho ir a las terrazas los fines de semana – People really like going to the bar terraces at weekends

La peña – People

Al la peña le encanta ir a la terraza un domingo – People love going to the bar terraces on Sundays

Las gentes de Andalucía – The people of Andalucía