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Great Spanish and News

Queridos amigos y amigas,

Today, we want to share two great Spanish words, and big sale news…

Primero… The words: Acurrucarse (to snuggle down) and Aprovechar (to make the most of).

Vamos a acurrucarnos en el sofá – Let’s snuggle down on the sofa (… and learn lots of Spanish!)

Vamos a aprovechar este otoño para aprender mucho español – Let’s make the most of this autumn/fall to learn lots of Spanish.

This is a wonderful time of year to snuggle down with our podcasts and worksheets to learn lots of Spanish to use later on. Work through your level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) with the worksheets at your side and your Spanish will leap ahead (see the review below).

Tenemos algo para echaros una mano – We have something to lend you a hand:

Special October Sale on Now…

You can get 25% off anything in our store now with the coupon code SPANISHNOW

Copy that code now and head to our store, the worksheets are the thing that will make the biggest difference to your Spanish. Here’s a wonderful review we got for our super-bundle ‘Whole Enchilada’ pack:

“Thank the heavens that I ran into Ben and Marina and their excellent podcast. I have acquired more Spanish skills in the brief time listening than all the other wasted time combined… Worksheets are a must (at least for me). Get to know these delightful people.” – Shane S.

Grab the code SPANISHNOW, get the best-value Whole Enchilada like Shane or one of the individual packs for your level in our store and make a huge difference to your Spanish now!

Un abrazo fuerte,

Ben y Marina