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Q and A Special – May 2020

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Thanks so much to everyone who sent in questions for this special May Q and A recording. We answer lots of questions about Spanish words and phrases (listed below), plus life as a foreigner in Madrid, advice on how to reach conversational fluency, where we’d most like to go on holiday and much more!

Here’s all the best Spanish we explain in the audio:

A la tercera va la vencida – Third time lucky

Dime cuando estés preparado / Cuando estés preparado me dices – Let me know when you are ready

Confírmame si vas a venir a la reunión – Let me know if you can make the meeting

Other words for ‘bueno’ (in this case, nice) in Spanish:

  • For food: Delicioso/a, rico/a – La cena estaba muy rica – Supper was really nice
  • For a view, or a beach: Bonito/a¡Qué vista mas bonita!, ¡Qué playa mas bonita! – What a lovely view. What a lovely beach.
  • People – Majo/a – ¡Qué majo es este chico! – What a nice guy!

Vamos a dar una vuelta/un paseo en bici – Let’s go for a bike ride

No te rayes – Don’t get obsessed about it, stop going on about it

Este niño tiene mucha chispa / este niño es muy salado – This kid is very lively, quick, creative

Me lo imaginaba – Oh, I thought so

Te echo de menos – I miss you (In some South American countries, te extraño mucho)

Thanks for all the questions! And remember…

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