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New audios and Madrid update!

Dear Notes in Spanish friends,

An update from Madrid! Well, as many of you know, especially if you also live in Spain, France, and many other countries in the same situation, we are at home, and will probably be for a while! We are home-schooling our kids for the first time ever, ¡todo una experiencia! – quite an experience! …and doing our best to work on Notes in Spanish at the same time.

Nos turnamos entre los dos, trabajando o cuidando a los peques – We take turns, either working or looking after the kids.

At the moment we have 13 audios prepared for Notes in Spanish Advanced Season 3, and 10 worksheets ready – our aim is to get all 14 of each done by early next week, and start releasing everything then – home-schooling permitting!

It’s really giving us something to look forward to. For all our listeners that are shut in, or having a hard time, we want to get our latest audios out into the world. We’ve loved making them, and we hope that people will love listening to them during these bizarre days.

Así que estamos animados aquí en Madrid – So, we are in good spirits here in Madrid.

Tenemos ganas de seguir ayudándoos a aprender español – We are excited about continuing to help you to learn Spanish.

¡Nos hace la misma ilusión que siempre! – It inspires us as much as ever!

Also, a special mention for Katie, who looks after support and all the messages we receive. She’s helping take care of everything while in a similar, even busier in fact, situation on the other side of the city, ¡Mil gracias querida Katie!

While we finish up the new work, keep enjoying our real Spanish audios, and perhaps watch one of our videos. Plus, there are notes here on how to prepare for Advanced Season 3.

We hope you are all well,

Un abrazo muy fuerte para tod@s,

Ben y Marina