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‘Menudo’ great Spanish phrases!

Queridos amig@s,

You probably know the Spanish adverb ‘a menudo’, meaning ‘often’, for example:

Voy a Paris a menudo – I often go to Paris.

Did you know that menudo is also commonly used in phrases of exclamation or exaggeration? Use menudo like this and you will sound super Spanish! Here are a few common examples for you to try out:

¡Menudo timo! – What a con!
¡Menudo lío! – What a mess! (Relationship messes, work messes, trouble etc, rather than a messy house.)
¡Menudo lío en el que te has metido! – What a mess you’ve got yourself into!
¡Menuda siesta que te has echado! – That was one big siesta you just had!
¡Menuda fiesta que hicieron los vecinos anoche! – What a party the neighbours had last night!

Right now it’s super hot, so you might hear in Madrid:

¡Menudo golpe de calor! – What a heat wave!
¡Menudo bochorno! – What heavy, suffocatingly hot weather! (Bochorno is a wonderful and much used word in hot, humid weather!)

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