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Advanced 2: Real Immersion is for Motivated Intermediates Too…

When I learnt Spanish I was thrown in at the deep end, constantly! Here in Madrid every trip to the bank, every night out with Spanish people, every encounter in a shop, every real Spanish situation I walked into was, well, the real thing! Even when I was a complete beginner!

That’s why I say in the blog post for the first Advanced Season 2 episode that these new audios are suitable for Intermediate listeners too: “Don’t panic if the Spanish feels really challenging! It should! Listen to the Spanish conversation, ideally with the transcript from the worksheets – …this ‘real immersion’ is the best possible thing you can do for your Spanish!”

“No te pases” I thought when I wrote that, don’t push your luck, maybe it’s too hard for intermediate learners! But this comment on the first post made me very happy and reassured me that I was spot on:

“I am very much enjoying your new podcast. I’m one of those you describe as a “motivated intermediate”. I want to assure others in that category that this podcast is definitely approachable with the aid of the notes [transcript/worksheet]. I wasn’t surprised that I understood little listening to the podcast without the notes, but I was amazed at how much I could understand having the notes to read alongside.”

Real immersion in a language is ‘reality!’ It doesn’t do you any harm at all if you have the right support. In my case I walked around Madrid with a small dictionary in my pocket (1998, pre Google Translate!) Nowadays, you have our super worksheets to explain all the best bits, making sure you learn the real Spanish you’ll never find in a text book!

Listen to the first episode of Advanced 2 and get the worksheets here. Your Spanish will be zooming ahead whether you are a motivated Intermediate learner or already Advanced.

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