New Real Spanish Conversation Audio Coming Monday!

Dear friends,

Next Monday November 20th we release the first of our new audio series, Notes in Spanish Advanced Season 2!Update: Episode one is available now!

You have been asking us for ages for new audios, so…

Nos pusimos manos a la obra – We got to work! (that’s one of the many useful phrases we highlight in the worksheet for the first episode!)

Perfect for Advanced and Motivated Intermediates!

The new audios will be the same as the original Advanced series – 10 to 12 minutes of Ben and Marina with our best ever real Spanish conversation on real life, interesting topics – the kind of things YOU want to talk about in Spanish when you have a real Spanish conversation with real people you meet out in the world today.

If you are an Advanced or Motivated Intermediate learner, the combination of the new worksheets and audios will rocket you forward with your Spanish.

The new audios will be released free as a podcast as always, and for those of you that want to double or triple what you get from the audio and really supercharge your Spanish, you will be able to join a special members area where for a small monthly fee you can get the worksheet for every episode as we release them each week (plus another exciting members bonus we’ll announce on Monday!)

As usual the worksheets will include a full transcript of our conversation, a list of the essential vocab and phrases you must know from the audio, plus discussion questions and useful exercises.

As a monthly member you will be hugely improving your Spanish!

Listen to episode one now!

Saludos desde Madrid,

Ben y Marina

36 thoughts on “New Real Spanish Conversation Audio Coming Monday!

  1. Steve Gold

    Hola Ben y Marina,
    Seguro que tus nuevas grabaciones estarán muy solicitadas. ¡Tengo muchas ganas de oírlos!

    I’m sure your new recordings will be highly sought-after. I’m really looking forward to listening to them!

  2. Five

    ¡Qué buena noticia! Como sabéis, hay mucha, pero *mucha* gente que estaba esperando.
    Seguro que va a ser otro éxito. Lo merecéis.

  3. Roxane Wellman

    FINALLY!! Haha! This is great news. 🙂 I was beginning to be afraid it would never happen, so looking forward to it enormously.

  4. Chris Thompson

    Excellent news.

    I know you young people have plenty of time but it’s a race between mortality and the time left to master Spanish for me!

    1. Five

      I hope you still have plenty of (good) time, Chris!
      Congrats for being a lifelong learner and… long race!

  5. Leonard Rodenberg

    I’m making my way through season one of the Intermediate podcasts but one never knows! Love the way you guys interact. It inspires at the other end. Muchas Gracias!

  6. Timothy

    Wow! What a blast from the past! I started listening to the intermediate podcasts back in 2007 as an eager young adult and they really gave me a boost in my level of comprehension and familiarity with different acccents within the real life spoken Spanish. Today I am happily married to a native Spanish speaker and having lived a time in Mexico City it feels like those original podcast days were from another life. That being said, I am very excited to hear these new advanced lessons!! Congrats!!
    Best regards from Florida, USA

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks for your lovely comment Timothy, it feels like those first episodes are from another life for us as well. 10 years is such a long time!

  7. Edward M

    Genial!!!!! No puedo esperar:)! Que maravilla!!
    Soy un fan total de tus audios
    Edward desde Buckinghamshire Inglaterra!

  8. Chris Briggs

    Saludos desde Mérida. Todo la gente de Extremadura va a marchar en Madrid por el TrenYaDigno el sabado. No seguro que sea un buen tema para sus grabaciones, pero bueno… 🙂


    1. Ben Post author

      Gracias Chris, es un buen tema sin duda, lo ponemos en la lista de posibles asuntos para tratar en los audios. Gracias.

  9. Elina

    Brilliant news! Ben and Marina, I’m so grateful to you for your super – exciting podcasts and learning material! I love learning my adorable Spanish with your help and assistance! Good luck to you with your new release!
    Greetings from Ukraine!

  10. Artem

    ¡Buenas noticias! Me mola “Notes in Spanish”.
    Os suelo escuchar en el gimnasio en la cinta mecanica. Ayuda mucho combatir el aburrimento y “rocketar” mi español. ¡Sois mejores y muy majos! 🙂
    Saludos de Rusia

  11. J. Prince

    Sus podcasts fueron los primeros de mi aprendizaje de la lengua. Va a ser muy interesante verlos otra vez para comparison de ahora a antes. Mi amigo Charles Darwin sería muy interesado por si fueran cambios evolucionarios. A mí también.

  12. Haydn

    Hola majos!
    Pues fenomenal! Como los otros, espero con mucho ilusión a escuchar las¡
    Casi cada día escucho a vosotros durante mi viaje a trabajo aqui en Sanya, China, y hoy en día tenemos mas y mas amigos nuevos de España y sur America viniendo aqui a vivir, pues será mas y mas importante a mejorar mi Español¡ Gracias por todos¡

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