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Uno Entre Cien Mil: Charity Sale Results

Mil Gracias!

Thank you so much! As promised all total sales in our special ‘ciber lunes’ 4 day promotion, from this past November 23rd to November 26th, are going to‘s Proyecto Corre, a project set up by a dad in our son’s class to raise funds into investigation of Infant Leukaemia, an illness his son is now recovering wonderfully from.

The grand total of sales for this special promotional period is: 9,673.89 Euros!

130 of you, our wonderful listeners, made the most of this promotion to improve your Spanish and help this special cause at the same time.

As there are one or two people that had trouble with the coupon or payment but still aim to contribute with a pending sale, we’ve decided to round the figure up to:

Total Donation: 10,000 Euros

So, this week, Notes in Spanish will be transfering 10,000 euros to and their ‘Proyecto Corre‘ to help save every child that suffers from Infant Leukaemia – not just 8 out of 10 (the current survival rate), but 10 out of 10 children with this illness.

Thank you so much again.

To find out more about how and Proyecto Corre came to life, I really recommend reading Jose’s Spanish blog post here. It’s incredibly moving, inspiring and motivating.

If you missed out on the promotion but still want to donate to this cause, you can do so directly by donating whatever sum you see fit via the Proyecto Corre donation page here (You’ll get a Proyecto Corre running badge emailed to you too to help spread the word as you run round the park – or for the bus!)

Mil gracias,

Ben y Marina

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