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How Spanish Teachers Use Notes in Spanish, And More Special Reports

“If I had my way, I would ditch the textbook curriculum and just use the wonderful materials that you have worked so hard to produce!” Linda, Spanish Teacher

We sent out a request to Spanish teachers to see how they use our materials in their classes, and received some really useful responses from all over the world.

We’ve collected the responses and put them into a special pdf report that you can download here:

How Spanish Teachers Use Notes in Spanish Materials with Their Classes PDF

Many thanks again to all the teachers who helped out with this report!

Something for Everyone – Get ALL of our special PDF reports!

11 Cool People Phrases in Spanish, Conversation Starters, Zero to Fluent in Spanish in 9 months, The False Friends Report… Plus Many More – Have you got all our Special reports? Download the ones you like the look of below!

11 Cool People Phrases in Spanish PDF
The Spanish are gifted when it comes to describing their fellow human beings!
Conversation Starters PDF
10 Ways NOT To Sound Like A Total Tourist In Spain…
The Mighty Echar PDF
Useful phrases with one of the most versatile verbs in Spanish, Echar

The Most Amazing Spanish Learning Ideas Ever PDF – Put together with ideas from hundreds of Notes in Spanish listeners, this is a gold mine of ideas!
10 Very Cool Spanish Verbs PDF – Some of these are pretty colloquial, but they’ll make you sound Super Spanish!
Zero to Fluent in Spanish in 9 months PDF – The original steps Ben took to go from zero to pretty darn fluent in just 9 months!
Spanish Wine Phrases Report PDF – We teamed up with our friends at Catavino to bring you both useful, and fun, wine phrases!
False Friends Report PDF – How to avoid extreme embarrassment by not getting these mixed up!
34 Uses of Dar PDF – 34 excellent ‘Dar’ phrases and expressions that are commonly used by Spanish speakers every day
23 Ways to Translate “Become” in Spanish! PDF
Dominate “Become” in Spanish from now on!
Totally Understanding Llevar! PDF
Become a llevar expert now!

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