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Your Spanish Learning in 2011 – Our Best Advice!

Welcome to 2011 at! Feliz año nuevo!

Many of you will have made improving your Spanish a New Year’s Resolution, and we aim to do our best to help you.

Hopefully you have already started to explore all the free Spanish learning audio and Spanish videos on these pages, and signed up for our newsletter – as usual we’ll be sending out frequent updates this year with our best Spanish learning language tips and advice.

Plus we’ll be making new audio and videos (starting with a great new video this week hopefully! Stay tuned!)

In the meantime, if I had to pick one free report from our archives to really encourage your big New Year’s Spanish-Learning Push, it would be our ‘Zero to Fluent in 9 months’ report.

Please download it here, and have a look at the ideas inside. Even if you do just one thing mentioned in the report, it could make a big difference to your Spanish.

Zero to Fluent in Spanish in 9 Months: PDF Download Link

Please note though, the report refers to my (Ben’s) learning experiences when I was young, free and single – I now know that things are very different when you are trying to fit learning in around a busy family and working life!

My biggest, best piece of advice today is to try and find consistency in your learning – try and do just 10 to 20 minutes a day if you like, but make sure those 10 to 20 minutes make you happy! Whatever learning method makes you feel comfortable, interested and relaxed – go with that!

What are you planning to do for your Spanish this year? Have you got any tips to share with us? Please leave us a comment, and once again, Happy New Year, and good luck with your Spanish!

Ben y Marina, 10 de enero, 2011

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