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Ben and Marina’s Spanish Aniversario Video – With Analysis!


Ben and Marina talk about their wedding anniversary and holiday plans, and help you learn more Spanish with the new ‘Analysis’ section at the end.

Useful Vocab:

Estar listo – To be ready
Ser listo – To be clever
Preparados, listos, ya – Ready, steady, go.
Abanico (m.) – Fan
Abanicarse – To fan
El que me tocó a mi – The one that was handed out to me
Te toca a ti – It’s your turn
Raparse – Informal way to say I’ve had a hair cut – usually used when it’s really short.
Nos vamos dentro de muy poco de vacaciones – We are going on holiday very soon.
Dentro de un mes – In a months time
Dentro de nada – In a very short while
Dar a luz – To give birth
Esperamos estar en Francia cuando llegue el bebé – We hope to be in France when the baby arrives.

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