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Ben and Marina’s Intercambio Secret…

We recently made this video to help introduce some new friends to Notes in Spanish, but really wanted to share it here too so everyone can benefit from it now. We hope you enjoy it, feel free to leave a comment!

Context: This is the story of how Marina and Ben met, over 10 years ago, here in Madrid. Look below for lots of useful vocabulary from the video! We hope you enjoy it!

Useful Vocab from the video:

Un intercambio – a language exchange

Quedar – to meet (Quedábamos – we used to meet)

Daba clases de inglés – I used to teach English

Una cita a ciegas… con excusa… – A blind date… with an excuse

Hola, ¿qué me cuentas? – What’s up, how are you?

Cuidado, porque ¡mira hasta donde puedes llegar! – Watch out, because look how far you can end up going!

Remember: Make the most of the 36 plus hours of free audio here at Notes in Spanish, and pick up the worksheets if you need a hand!

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