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Dejandos Libros – New Notes in Spanish Video

Ben and Marina are doing an ’80/20′ clean up at home, and have found a great place to get give away some old books…

Watch the video, use the vocab below for a helping hand if you need it, and see if you can answer the two questions at the bottom!

Useful vocab from the video:

No tenemos hueco en las estanterías – we haven’t got room on the shelves

Ben ha metido la pata – Ben has put his foot in it/made a big mistake!

Biblioteca pública – Public library

Me parecía un poco rollo – I found it a bit boring

Asomarse – to glance at, take a quick look at

And now, a couple of questions about the video!

¿Porqué dice Marina que Ben ha metido la pata?

¿Quién, segun las sospechas de Ben y Marina, suele llevarse los libros, y porqué?

Answers in the first comment below! And do leave a comment about the video if you like!

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