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Our Big Promise


Just a very quick note about developments here and our big promise for the future of Planeta Notes in Spanish.

First of all we are working on a couple of fun things we’ll be sending your way soon, full of more real Spanish, as well as a HUGE project focusing on one of the cornerstones of the Spanish language, that should be ready early in the New Year.

Which cornerstone is that? A clue can be found in the following phrase picked up from the lovely old guy who works in the underground car park where we keep our car. Looking at our baby son, he said to us:

“¡Que le vean casado!” – May you live to see him get married!

… well, we certainly hope so!

More on the next big thing as time goes on, it’s all part of our early New Years Resolution, Our Big Promise, which can be summed up as follows:

We are absolutely dedicated to creating and giving away the most valuable Spanish learning materials on the internet, and to improving your Spanish learning life over the long term as much as we possibly can.

All you have to do is to stay motivated, and stick with us. Really exciting projects lie ahead.

Saludos desde Madrid,

Ben y Marina

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