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Can you help us with a Review?


If you have bought and used any of our worksheet packs or the Real Spanish Phrase Book, we would like to ask you a huge favour.

We would love it if you could send us a review telling us what you thought of the product in question. This will take just a couple of minutes but help us enormously.

All you have to do is briefly answer a few short questions and send us the answers via our secure contact form. To do so,

Step 1. Select and copy the following questions (to paste into the contact form at the next step):


What is your name and location? (e.g. Ben Curtis, Madrid)

Which product purchased from our store would you like to give a testimonial about: Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced Worksheets, or Real Spanish Phrase Book?

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Were you skeptical when you ordered?

How did you change your mind?

Who would you recommend this to?


Step 2. Next go to the secure contact form at our sister site, and paste the above questions into the message body, provide your answers, and hit send! If you have copied the above questions and are ready to proceed, click here to proceed to our contact form.

Many many thanks! Ben and Marina