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Notes in Spanish L!VE – La Chuleta – Plus, win an iPod Nano!

Notes in Spanish L!VE – Fun video blogs for Spanish Intermediate and Advanced learners – with all the cool vocab explained for everyone below!

This week, La Chuleta…

Cool phrases from today’s video blog…

La Chuleta – a cheat sheet that you smuggle into exams to copy from (what the guys in the photocopying shop wanted the girl behind the counter to make for them!)

Mi viejo/a – My old man, my old lady, slang for parents.

Mazo – slang for ‘lots’. E.g. Me mola mazo, I really like it, or tengo mazo de curro, I’ve got loads of work (curro is slang for work).

Eres un rajao – A rajao is a person that promises to do something with you, and then pulls out (rajao is short for rajado)

Tengo una movida en casa que no veas – You can’t believe the trouble I’ve got at home…

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