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Inspired Beginners Podcast 1 – ¡Hola! Start Here!

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Welcome to the Inspired Beginners Spanish Audio from Notes in Spanish!

Why is it called Inspired Beginners? Because this audio is for motivated learners who are already helping themselves through the first steps of learning the language, and want to improve quickly. Our idea is to take you beyond the text books and provide you with real world language and Spanish learning techniques that you will never find in a classroom.

Not only do we explain key vocab and grammar in every episode, we also include a real Spanish conversation at your level, to help you prepare to move on up to our Intermediate and Advanced Spanish Audio.

But this level is not just for Beginners! We hope that a lot of the grammar we look at during this course will also offer a really useful review for Intermediate and even Advanced Spanish learners too!

Essential worksheets are available to accompany this course, which include a full rundown of the Spanish vocabulary and grammar used in each episode, plus a full transcript and translation of our Spanish conversations, and more cool Spanish phrases.

It’s like we sit down next to you and point out all the really important bits you need to learn to progress fast to fluency now. Read more about the worksheets in our store.

Upgrade and Get Fluent Fast:

Get the worksheets! The worksheets that accompany these podcasts make you confident and fluent SO much faster:

Get Them in our Store Now!

"My knowledge of current Spanish has improved immeasurably through your audios, but the real key to moving forward has been the worksheets... invaluable!"

Michael Gordon
Certified Customer

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