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¿Qué es una Juani? – Vocab delights!

The on-line newspaper is a great place to pick up the richer nuances of the Spanish language, and culture. Take today’s article about a new type of young lady, Juanis. The term was coined after the title of a recent (apparently terrible actually great) film, and refers to a certain type of young lady living happily in small town neighbourhoods across Spain:

Son las chicas del suburbio, las pibas del barrio, las peluqueras de tu madre, las novias de los tarzanetes de pelo-cenicero… En tiempos descreí­dos y petulantes de marujeo frí­gido-liberal, ellas se alzan, orgullosas de la tierra natal…

There’s enough slang in there to keep most of us going for a while, and the girls turn out to be, well, an interesting bunch. As the first comment below the article says, Vaya elementas.

So, with just what we have from this post alone, can anyone tell me what the following mean: pibas, tarzanetes de pelo-cenicero, marujeo, and elementas. Answers in the comments please!