8 thoughts on “El humor español en los anuncios…

  1. pmallinckrodt

    ayudame por favor… soy americana sin experiencia de espana ni del humor de espana. Que significa?

  2. Chris M

    This is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about in my suggestions for the future of NiS!

    Keep em coming! Many thanks.

  3. ben Post author

    We aim to please, Chris 😉

    pmallinckrodt – It’s a play on words: ‘Don’t be shy, show me your “little bar”…’

  4. ben Post author

    errr, well, I mean male anatomy, so if that is what you are referring to… I was just offering the literal translation…

  5. Pepino

    How funny… Normally jokes lose their humour the more you explain them, but this one improves even more with the comments above 🙂

  6. pjm

    glad that I asked, I don’t have one of those, so that particular word play didn’t occur to me…. not appropriate for my secondary school classroom, but funny all the same.

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