Spanish language is attracted to MOVEMENT!

Warning: Only read this if you you want to make a massive difference to your Spanish over the next month. A small amount of work is involved, huge results are guaranteed.

In 1998 I (Ben) arrived in Madrid with hardly a word of Spanish.

In those first few days in the city I spent a lot of time wandering the bright, dusty, leafy lanes of Madrid’s Retiro Park, hiding in the shade of towering horse-chestnut tress.

To be honest, at first I just wanted to go home. No Spanish, no friends in the city – I felt totally lost.

I felt like an idiot every time I walked into a bar and tried to order a sandwich in Spanish, or ask directions, or just wanted to buy a bottle of water…

Then something snapped and I realised that moving to Spain and learning Spanish was a decision I was not about to give up on.

In no time at all I got into ‘learning mode’ and started a chain reaction of events that led me to where I am today – still in Madrid, married with a family, a business, and as for the Spanish…

All these years on I’ve worked as a bilingual translator and interpreter, can understand pretty much any conversation on any topic under the sun, I can deal with Spanish doctors, dentists, merchants and mechanics, and, the biggest test of all, can survive hours of family conversation at the dinner table with the Spanish in-laws!


Here’s the key:

Spanish language is attracted to MOVEMENT!

If you want Spanish to stick to you, you have to be constantly moving forward with your learning!

You can get a new notebook just for Spanish words and write down ten new words a day, you can learn a new verb tense a week, get an intercambio, label everything in your house in Spanish. These are all great. I’ve done them and I hope you will too… BUT:

MOST important of all, what really worked for me in my first few months in Spain:

You have to IMMERSE yourself in real Spanish, every day.

And that’s where we come in.

Based on our real understanding of learning Spanish from scratch, we’ve worked hard to make Notes in Spanish the most interesting ‘real Spanish’ immersion experience on the internet.

…and this is what we prescribe:

Immerse yourself in Spanish with us. Listen to our audio – tackle just one new audio a day, backed up by the power of our worksheets – just one audio combined with one worksheet a day will take maybe 20 minutes of your time, and have you moving forward towards your Spanish language dreams right now.

Just imagine how good your Spanish is going to be within just one month.

Move your Spanish forward TODAY, Marina and I are with you every step of the way.

Follow our prescription:one audio and worksheet a day. Pick up what you need from our store (with our 14 Day, no-questions-asked, full refund guarantee, it’s not as if you’ve got anything to lose!) – and start moving:

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