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Spanish Food Extravaganza

New Spanish Food Extravaganza Video! Shopping, lunch AND a Spanish market – over 30 kinds of incredible Spanish food, incredible Pyrenean scenery… and a cute cat called Cotón 🙂

Spanish Food Vocabulary from the Video

Los Chupa-Chups – Lollipops

Tomate Rosa – Rose Tomato

Queso de Gabas – Gabas Cheese

Hemos traído una caja de manjares – We’ve brought a box of delicacies

Caprichos – Treats

Aceitunas negras – Black olives

Aceituna negra de Aragón – Black olives from Aragón

Envasado al vacío – Vacuum packed

¡Qué morro! No te lo apropies – How cheeky! Don’t steal it for yourself!

La miel – Honey

Colmenas de abejas – Beehives

Pimientos del piquillo ‘Extra’ – Extra good Piquillo peppers

Trigueros – Green asparagus

Trigueros a la plancha – Pan-fried green asparagus

Son una delicia – They are a delicacy

Cerveza artesanal – Craft beer

Están en auge – They are on the increase

Menú del día – Set lunch menu

Una terraza super agradable – A really lovely bar terrace

Cardo con salsa de almendra – Thistle with almond sauce

Fajitas de espárragos envueltos en jamón y gratindos al horno – Asparagus fajitas wrapped in ham au gratin

Solomillo de cerdo con salsa Roquefort – Pork sirloin with Roquefort sauce

Sardinas a la plancha – Grilled sardines

Arroz con leche – Rice pudding

Helado al corte – Ice cream in a wafer

Cerezas – Cherries

Queso de oveja de Los Pirineos – Pyrenean sheep cheese

Árboles frutales – Fruit trees

Ayer estaba en el huerto – It was in the vegetable patch yesterday

La paraguaya – Flat peach

Pincho de tortilla – Slice of Spanish omelette

Sepia a la plancha – Grilled squid

Calamares – Calamar/squid rings

Huevos rotos con jamón – Broken eggs with ham

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