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Relax about learning Spanish reflexive verbs!

In today’s video we make Spanish reflexive verbs easy to learn and relaxing at last! Filmed at the beautiful Boca de Asno, in the province of Segovia, we teach you how to relax about learning Spanish reflexives, and share some of our favourites that we hope you’ll enjoy using too.

Vocab and Spanish reflexive verbs from the video:

Una revuelta – A hairpin bend

Morir – To die

Morirse – Also means to die (se muere – he’s dying), but commonly used in expressions like ‘morirse de risa’ (see below)

Desayunar – To have breakfast

Desayunarse – To find out

El vecino ha muerto por la noche – The neighbour died last night

El vecino murió ayer – The neighbour died yesterday

Morirse de risa – Dying of laughter

Morirse de calor – Dying of heat

Me muero de hambre – I’m dying of hunger

Me muero de miedo – I’m scared to death

Me muero de risa – I’m laughing my head off

He desayunado un aguacate – I had an avocado for breakfast

Un huevo pasado por agua – A boiled egg

Desayunarse – To find out about something

¿Tu te has desayunado de que el vecino ha muerto? – Did you know that the neighbour has died?

Me relajo – I’m going to relax, I’m relaxing

Aquí me relajo mucho – I relax a lot here

Me relajo con los reflexivos – I’m going to relax about reflexive verbs

Me fastidia que no puedo aprender los reflexivos – It annoys me that I can’t learn the reflexives

Me agobio – I get stressed

Me agobio con la gramática – I get stressed about grammar

Me atrevo – I dare

Me atrevo a usarlos – I dare to use them

Me atrevo a aprender así, de forma natural – I dare to learn in this natural way

No me cuesta – It’s no effort

No me cuesta nada – It’s no effort at all

Me pregunto – I wonder

Me pregunto si eso es posible – I wonder if it’s possible

¿Te has fijado en esto? – Have you noticed that?

¿Te has fijado en que nuestro método sí que funciona? – Have you noticed that our method works?

¿Os habéis fijado? – Have you noticed (plural)

Me apetece – I feel like

A mí me apetece hoy tomarme un menú del día, como siempre – I feel like having a set-menu lunch, as always

A mí me apetece quedarme un ratito más en el fresquito – I feel like staying here in the cool weather/forest a bit longer

A mí me apetece meter los pies en el agua – I feel like putting my feet in the water

Me encanta ver que han vuelto los helechos – I love seeing that the ferns have come back

Helechos – Ferns

Funciona de maravilla – It works a treat