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Understanding Spoken Spanish!

In today’s video we give you great tips for understanding spoken Spanish, especially when it sounds like a rapid blur from a native speaker!

What Marina says in the final Spanish part of the video (but try to listen first without reading this!)

Marina: Hola de nuevo. Estamos en un restaurante que está en las montañas que hay por encima de El Escorial, se llama La Horizontal, y estamos tomando el menú del día, y de segundo tenemos hoy arroz negro. Es como una paella pero está hecha con tinta de calamar y por eso tiene este color.

Translation: Hi again, we are in a restaurant up in the mountains above El Escorial, it’s called La Horizontal, and we are having the menu del día (set lunch menu), and for our second course today we have black rice. It’s like a paella but it’s made with squid ink, which is why it is this colour.

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