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How to Raise Spanish-English Bilingual Kids

Marina talks in Spanish about how to raise bilingual kids (learning to speak Spanish and English). If you need some help with the Spanish in the video, check out the notes below, but do try watching the Spanish on its own first!


In the Spanish part of the video Marina says that the key to raising our kids bilingual Spanish-English has been for Marina (Spanish) to speak and read to them in Spanish, and Ben (British) to speak and read to them in English. When we are with other people, if the other people are English, Marina and Ben speak English to each other, and if they are Spanish Marina and Ben speak to each other in Spanish, but always trying to speak to the kids in our own language.

Bilingual kids take a bit longer to learn to speak, but this method has worked great with both our kids. Our daughter learned to speak both languages a little faster, but her brother was already in the house and speaking English, which helped, and she also watched more English-speaking TV than he did – Caillou (which gave her a Canadian accent for a bit!) and Peppa Pig, which gave her a really strong British accent afterwards, like her dad.