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Un Manjar – A Cool Spanish Word!

Queridos amigos,

We’ve got another great Notes in Spanish video for you below, this time connected with food and pronunciation. Either watch the video through once first to see if you understand it all, or if you would like some help, see the context and language notes below first:

Language notes and context:

In this video we discuss the word ‘un manjar’, which means a food which is really special, or a real delicacy, in this case a German blue cheese that Ben bought after not having had any for a long time. We discuss what is a ‘manjar’ for us, and go on to say that Ben learnt the word from his friend Jorge, who only just recently, after about 4 years, taught me to pronounce his name correctly.

Here are some useful phrases from the video:

Un queso exquisito – A delicious cheese
Un queso azul – A blue cheese
(Un queso) que llevábamos sin tomar como ocho años – (A cheese) that we hadn’t eaten for about 8 years
Tengo un manjar – I’ve got a real delicacy
Unas gambas blancas de Huelva a la plancha – Grilled white prawns from Huelva
Me suena árabe, de origen árabe – It sounds arabic to me, of arabic origin
Dices mi nombre mal – You say my name wrong
Estaría el muy orgulloso – He would be very proud
Tiene un sentido del humor muy interesante – he’s got a very interesting sense of humour.

¿Cuál es tu manjar favorito?

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Un abrazo,

Ben y Marina

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