New Audios Coming, Halloween Spanish and Sale and More!

Dear Friends,

Lots of big news for you today!

First of all, we are just a few weeks away from releasing brand new Real Spanish Audios! We’ve recorded the first couple or episodes, our trademark, REAL Spanish conversation on really interesting real-life topics. In the next few weeks we’ll be releasing the first episode, and rolling them out weekly after that!

These new audios will in real-speed, natural conversation Spanish, but the Spanish in every episode will be accessible to everyone with the help of the accompanying worksheets. Stay tuned to the newsletter to find out exactly when the first episode is out soon!

While you wait, get your Spanish ready by listening to our audios and boosting your learning with our worksheets! This should help…

Halloween Vocab and Special 3 Day 25% Off Sale!

Halloween Spanish

Until Midnight Thursday 2nd November you can get 25% off anything in our store with the coupon code halloween17 Head to our store now and use the coupon to get your Spanish flowing in time for our new, real Spanish conversation audios coming soon!

Halloween Vocab! Do you know all of these?

Ghost – Un fantasma

Vampire – Un vampiro

Bat – Un murciélago (one of the few Spanish words to use all the vowels!)

Trick or treat – Truco o trato

I’m frightened! – ¡Tengo miedo!

Don’t frighten me – ¡No me asustes!

What a fright, a vampire! – ¡Qué susto, un vampiro!

You’re really scaring me! – ¡Me das mucho miedo!

Happy Halloween!

Ben y Marina

P.S. By popular request we now also accept Credit Card payments in our store, not just Paypal.

Remember, until Midnight Thursday 2nd November you can get 25% off anything in our store with the coupon code halloween17 Head to our store now!

37 thoughts on “New Audios Coming, Halloween Spanish and Sale and More!

  1. David Simpson

    ¡Nítido! One area of confusion , at least for me is when to use ser or estar to say everyday things like: it has been a nice day or I have been waiting a long time. Often you can apply the rules of location,characteristics etc but it always makes me pause before I speak. What about I have been worried? Or I have been cleaning the caravan?
    Thanks for your inspiration and easy listening material. Will the new podcasts download automatically?
    Ps real conversations are good but not toooooo fast!

    1. Ben Post author

      Hi David,

      You could review our Ser and Estar podcast in the Inspired Beginners series, but for the examples you give estar looks more likely – he estado muy preocupado for example. Yes, all new episodes should download to your podcast player automatically I hope.

  2. Matt

    ¿No hay muchas palabras con las 5 vocales? (euforia, abuelito, educación).

    Espero que Ben y Marina tomen tiempo para compartir su opinión en cuanto a lo que actualmente está pasando en Cataluña en uno de sus episodios.

    Me encantan las grabaciones de Uds. y les deseo mucho éxito con los nuevos episodios.


    1. Ben Post author

      Gracias Matt – en cuanto a compartir nuestra opinion sobre Cataluña…. solemos esquivar temas de la política, no es lo nuestro la verdad. Solo decir que nos parece por un lado increíble que haya llegado tan lejos y muy triste – nos gusta muchísimo Cataluña y no queremos que haya tanto sufrimiento entre la gente de la calle que intenta seguir con la vida normal en una situación tan difícil. Parece que hay mucha gente que lo está pasando bastante mal y que están muy preocupados.

  3. Mark

    Noticias que habrá nuevos episodios de Notes in Spanish es la mejor que podemos escuchar! Lo unico que podria ser mas feliz es la renuncia de Trump!

  4. John

    Cannot wait! I’ve missed your conversations so much. Will these be available on ITunes? What level will they be pitched at? I’m so excited, best news of the year for me!

    1. Ben Post author

      Hi John, yes these will be available on iTunes. The new audios are like our current Advanced series, so pitched for higher levels, and of course for keen intermediates who are inspired to get into real-speed conversation.

  5. Tamar

    ¡Estupendo, enhorabuena! Todavía tengo episodios de ustedes para escuchar durante un año entero, pero me alegro mucho saber que podré escuchar también unos nuevos.

  6. Jewell

    Hola Ben,
    Tengo mucho interes en los nuevos episodios. Vas a mandarnos un email sobre la fecha que ellos van a estar disponible? Gracias.

  7. Heather

    I came across your podcasts about 2 years ago and have been listening to a few each month in an effort to keep up on my Spanish. You two have a real talent for inspiring, interesting and enjoyable conversations. My favorite part (aside from learning cool new spanish phrases) is listening 8-10 years later about what you predictions for the future were. They make me smile! I still have many of the old podcasts to get through but am so looking forward to the new ones!

    1. Ben Post author

      We’ll have to make some predictions about the future again in the new ones then! Thanks for your message Heather 🙂

  8. Kerri Keeler

    I just returned from an amazing vacation in Spain. I have to thank you for your podcasts…I would never had considered it before…However, I put El Retiro park and Museo de Sorolla on my bucket list. We LOVED both, thanks to you, Ben and Marina! Your podcasts helped me navigate not just the language but the cultural issues different from our more local Latin American culture here in the USA. I recommend your podcasts all the time but crave new content..I am SO happy to hear you have new things coming! Mil gracias!

  9. Rhiannon

    This is great news! I have listened to your old podcasts several times and am always recommending them to people. Can’t wait!

  10. Pauline Fleming

    Great news Ben &Marina… so looking forward to new podcasts !!!
    Can you tell me what grammatical structure is ” No tenias que haber dicho eso” from notes in Spanish gold…….Fin del chollo, I think. It’s driving me CRAZY !!!!!!
    Saludos de las Islas Canarias where the livin’ is easy !!!

    1. Ben Post author

      Well the meaning here is ‘You shouldn’t have said that’, but I have no idea what the grammatical structure is called. It’s simply tener que + haber to imply something that should or shouldn’t have been done.

      E.g. tiene que haber elecciones cada cuatro años – there should be elections every 4 years
      No tiene que haber deberes en Primaria – There shouldn’t be homework in Primary school

  11. Pauline Fleming

    Great news Ben and Marina….so looking forward to new podcasts!!.
    Have a problem with FIN DEL CHOLLO in Spanish gold …. What grammatical structure is ” No tenias que haber dicho eso “?
    You probably explain it in your notes but I’m a retired OAP y no tengo mucho dinero!!!
    Saludos de las ISLAS CANARIAS
    Muy buena suerte!
    Paulina de Irelanda

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