Notes in Spanish Gold Season 2 – Ep.15 – Atontados

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Ben and Marina discuss ways of saving ourselves from information overload on the internet, and in life in general.

Saludos desde Madrid!

Ben y Marina
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6 thoughts on “Notes in Spanish Gold Season 2 – Ep.15 – Atontados

  1. Andrew

    Ha! Are either of you on reddit? That’s by far my biggest time-waster, I hate how much time I waste on there. Also, we’ve got a fairly good-sized language-learning subreddit you might be interested in:

    Oh, and I learned a new word: “agobiar”! Thanks, guys, another great podcast.


  2. Kinga

    Hola! Muy interesante tema otra vez y las sugerencias son muy útiles! Podéis poner el enlace del artículo de lo que habláis en el podcast? Me gustaría leerlo en original.


  3. Hans Vogler

    I am Dutch, so it is possible that I make mistakes in my English. For people who like to learn spoken Spanish, the parts where Marina reads Spanish articles of newspapers is not so interesting in my opinion. I prefer to hear Ben and Marina speak with each other in stead of listening to a writen text. However, in general I like your great podcasts.

  4. Ben

    @Hans – We never read more than just a sentence or two of quoted text at the most. 99.9% of what you hear is just real, unscripted conversation between the two of us.

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