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Spanish Learning Recommendations: Fun TV and Spanish Subjunctive Explained

3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Spanish Today!

Number One: Fun Spanish TV!

We were recently asked to recommend a Spanish TV show, something fun to watch that would help improve your Spanish (and the key is that it’s fun – if it isn’t then it’s boring and you won’t learn much!)

One program people in Madrid LOVE is Madrileños por el Mundo – real-life stories of people from Spain that have gone to live abroad. They tell you about their job, their houses, local customs, even how much rent they pay! Look for the “Programas enteros” list on the show’s page, and start watching now!

The format has taken off, and there is now also an Españoles por el Mundo, and even, if you want to practice listening to Andalusian accents, an Andaluces por el Mundo!

Number Two: Understand the Spanish Subjunctive, Forever!

We regularly get emails from people saying, ‘I was having a nightmare trying to understand the subjunctive ahead of my exam next week, until I saw your hippy man/business man video that explained it all, and now I understand everything!’ Have you seen it yet?

Number Three: Get Up To Date With Gold!

Have you heard the latest episode from Notes in Spanish Gold? It’s our best learning experience ever for Intermediate and Advanced Learners!

Just One More: Follow Us!

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