Notes in Spanish Gold Season 1 – Ep.3 – ¿Ayuda la Autoayuda?

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Ben and Marina discuss a study that suggests self-help doesn’t work, the rise of the self-help industry, and how we too have benefited from forms of self-help in our own lives.

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Saludos desde Madrid!
Ben y Marina

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6 thoughts on “Notes in Spanish Gold Season 1 – Ep.3 – ¿Ayuda la Autoayuda?

  1. mouna taleb

    thank you, thank you… i love listening to your podcasts, they are sooooo helpful.
    thank you , keep the good work, and God bless you for sharing it with us who really want to practice out spanish, but live in countries where spanish is not spoken.
    i live in Ghana, west Africa.

    i am looking forward to getting more of your lovely stories.

  2. Marius

    You guys are doing a great job! Thank you very much for all your effort! Your podcasts and emails are very helpful.

  3. Hamed

    Thank you so much… Ben and Marina! You are amazing. You’re second to none. You’re so kind and affectionate. These podcasts are super cool. I’ve listened to them over and over. Again thanks a millions. You’re so benevolent and beneficent. Keep on this super work. May God bless you and us.

    from I.R.Iran

  4. Ben Post author

    Gracias Mouna, Marius y Hamed. Muchas gracias, it’s wonderful to hear from people in such far away places.

  5. Pat

    These podcasts are not new to me as I subscribed to Gold one and two. However, seeing the podcasts here has encouraged me to relisten. I loved receiving them weekly but fell behind when listening. The worksheets and links to related material are very useful. Some of the podcasts were on themes which did not appeal, but they always contained useful phrases and vocabulary.
    Ben and Marina have lively, funny and affectionate conversations.
    however I particularly liked conversations with a member of Marina’s family about a historical event and one with a South American friend involving a different accent and phrases. Yes I can remember the identities of the other people and the subjects but don’t want to spoil the suprise.

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