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Notes in Spanish Video and A Spanish Joke!

First the joke!

Un inglés pregunta a uno de Málaga:
-Please, to Antequera?
-Ante arbañí, ahora toy en paro y cojo caracole…

If you don’t get the joke above, don’t worry! Here’s the explanantion:

It’s a play on the heavy Andalusian accent in those parts. While the English guy is asking the way to Antequera, the local guy thinks he’s saying ¿Tu, antes que eras? – What did you used to do?

To which the local replies in his heavy accent, -Ante arbañí, ahora toy en paro y cojo caracole… – which without the accent would read, -Antes albañil, ahora estoy en paro y cojo caracoles… – Before I was a builder, and now I’m unemployed and collect snails.

If you want to hear more about Spanish jokes, check out Advanced Podcast 57, on Lepe Jokes!

And now the video! If you enjoyed last week’s video from Bangkok, here’s another classic related video from our archives, from Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand! Again, it’s from 2007, pre-HD video days!

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