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¿Qué tal las vacaciones? Spanish Holiday Expressions

La Selva Negra

Un lago en la Selva Negra…

Here is a quick round up of our summer holidays incorporating some useful Spanish expressions (in bold):

¡Ya estamos de vuelta! – We are back!

Hemos recorrido 6,500 km en coche por todo europa – We’ve covered 6,500 km around europe in the car.

Es posible que nuestro pobre coche no vuelva a ser el mismo… – It’s possible our poor car will never be the same again… [Note the Subjunctive (vuelva, from volver) after ‘es posible que‘ – have you got our Super-Subjunctive report yet?!]

Pasamos por Francia, Inglaterra, y Alemania… – We went through France, England and Germany.

Lo que mas nos gustó fue la Selva Negra – What we liked most was the Black Forest.

La vuelta desde Alemania se nos hizo un poco larga – The return journey from Germany felt a bit long.

Aproveché la visita a Francia para recuperar mi francés – I made the most of our time in France to get my French going again.

He metido la pata en varias ocasiones intentando hablar en francés y alemán – I put my foot in it a few times trying to speak French and German!

[This last point reminded me how easy it is to meter la pata in Spanish – see our essential “Top Ten Dead-Giveaways That You’re a Foreigner Speaking Spanish, Even if You Speak Well …!” post for how to avoid common Spanish mistakes!]

Feel free to leave us a comment below about how your summer went, using some of the expressions in bold above if you like, and keep up with your great Spanish learning progress using our real Spanish audio conversations and worksheets!

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