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Some of you will have heard our Q and A recordings in the past – it’s where Marina and I directly answer your questions about learning Spanish in a special audio, and give a big prize for the best question!

We are planning to record a new Q and A for you all this Wednesday (November 10th), so we need your questions by late this Tuesday night (tomorrow!)

The prize for the best question will be a 100 euro Amazon voucher ( or!

We’ll release the Q and A next week and announce the winner then.

Update: The audio has now been released, with details of the competition winner – click here to listen now!

Saludos from Madrid,

Ben y Marina

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5 thoughts on “Win a 100 Euro Amazon Voucher!

  1. Jim Young

    Hi Ben. I think most Spanish learners like me logically think that the way to learn the language is to learn the vocabulary and the grammar. In our first language however we spend much of our time our considering the social context before selecting from many grammatically correct alternatives so as not to choose an expression which is inappropriate . I find in practice that my lack of confidence in making these choices in Spanish is what seriously inhibits my use of spoken Spanish, i.e. I know the words but I don’t know if this is the right situation in which to use them. How do I learn to speak Spanish in phrases which are appropriate to the cultural and social context if I cant afford to visit Spain for long periods?

  2. Ben

    Hi Jim,

    I think you need to get an intercambio locally, or online, as you say, nothing beats a bit of interaction with real Spanish speakers when it comes to improving speaking. But then it’s just a case of trial and error, which is really what we do as kids in our own language – say something and see how it goes down, or if it gets us what we want!

  3. Steve

    I agree with that. If the final objective is to speak Spanish, then we must all concentrate on speaking more Spanish. Opportunities must be found, and intercambios are the best. Back in my unemployed days when I first moved to Spain I had 7 on the go at once, one for each day of the week!

  4. Ben

    Hi James, Just one per listener I think , or we won’t have time to answer them all! And please remember to ask via the survey link above before the deadline!

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