Free Spanish Subjunctive Rules Report and New Spanish Video! Cerveza Ecologica!

Context: Ben and Marina discuss how they get organic food and vegetables delivered to their house, and how the Spanish drink a lot more alcohol-free beer than the British.

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Useful Vocab from the Video

Fruta y verdura biológica / ecológica – Organic fruit and vegetables
Sabe buenísima – It tastes great
Potitos – Pots of baby food
¡Qué rollo! – What a pain/how boring!
Mega rollo – Mega-sized paper roll
En Inglaterra no esta muy bien visto – It’s not well thought of in England (drinking alcohol free beer)
Todo el cultivo es local – It’s all grown locally
Nos lo traen a casa – They deliver it to our house

Click Here To Get the AMAZING Super Simple Spanish Subjunctive Rule Book Mentioned In The Video!

22 thoughts on “Free Spanish Subjunctive Rules Report and New Spanish Video! Cerveza Ecologica!

  1. nina

    que buena pareja! muchas gracias!
    I’m enjoying the pdf, I love mr. hippy dude haha 😛

  2. Ricardo Augusto

    El trabajo de ustedes me ayuda mucho con mi aprendizaje del español. Ahorita no puedo oír el video, solo lo puedo ver, jeje… Gracias por todo eso de información que se nos dispone! Saludos desde San Pablo – Brasil!

  3. Rita

    I’m in the process of learning (slowly) Spanish, but Latin Spanish (North American/Mexican). Will your Spanish from Spain not confuse me?

  4. Malinda

    Me encanta siempre sus podcasts …. ahora con video ¡genial!
    Gracias y ‘keep up the good work’

  5. kate

    now i know why i like listening to you. i had not seen you before but now i have seen you i can sense your lovely relationship, your kind body language to each other matches your kind approach that you have to each other in the audios. i should imagine you have produced a lovely baby. kindest thoughts and thank you for helping my spanish. estara en espanole la proxima vez! kate

  6. Ben Post author

    Thanks for all the lovely comments!

    @Rita – The building blocks of Spanish are the same everywhere, don’t worry, our Spanish from Spain should be great for you too!

  7. Asmaa

    You look so cute together!

    Your podcast is amazing. I listen to it everyday before I sleep for about an hour or two. Hmm! I think I just realized why I take so much time to fall in sleep.

    There is something interesting I’ve noticed in your podcast. You’ve said that you have been living in Spain over 9 years now( well, that’s as far as I got with the podcasts) and yet both of you still talk with your own accent when you talk in the other language. For example, as Ben is from England, English people tend to skip few r’s when they talk while the r of the Spanish people is very strong. So sometimes, Ben unintentionally forgets to pronounce the r. Same thing with Marina, her Spanish accent tends to overcome the English one when she talks in English. Honestly, I find both of your accents quite cute.

    Kind regards,

  8. snailsnail

    Soy un inglés viviendo en Madrid y tengo una pregunta… donde compráis estas cosas biológicas?!

  9. deebee

    I’ve always loved the subjunctive although sometimes I’ve not always not known when to use it. Now, gracias a vosotros puedo utilizarlo en conversación con mis amigos españoles. “I can show off a bit” ¿Cómo se puede decir esto en español?
    Está luviendo aquí en Norwich tambien.

  10. Marina

    Muchas gracias a todos por vuestros comentarios.

    @Kate: Jajaja, we do have a lovely baby:-)

    @snailsnail: En la dirección que te ha dado Ben puedes comprar fruta y verdura. En esta otra web puedes comprar muchas más cosas:

    @deebee: “Show off” es presumir. Por ejemplo: Ahora que ya se como utilizar el subjuntivo puedo presumir con mis amigos españoles..

  11. Nimoy

    Thanks for the great stuff…
    im going to Mexico this july for a year and ur podcasts are really helping me improve my Spanish!
    thanks a ton!

  12. myra

    muchas gracias a los dos!! i love your podcasts and my spanish has improved day i will also live in Spain but until then know that we love your site here in South Africa 🙂 Thanks!!

  13. Marina

    @Nimoy, enjoy Mexico and make the most of the opportunity to master the language. Please write back when you are there to teach us some local expressions.

    @Myra, I hope you’ll make your dreams come true soon. In the mean time enjoy South Africa.

  14. Lloyd

    Hi Ben, Hi Marina
    I have been slowly learning Spanish with the help of your podcasts and now want to work in Spain. I am 47 and have been a manager in Restaurants all my life, what’s the best thing to do to get the ball rolling.

  15. Ben Post author

    Hi Lloyd – the options are endless! I suggest you start a thread in our forum at where you will get lots of input from us and others. Ben

  16. Ricardo Augusto

    Haha… ahora puedo escuchar el video y ver lo que se discute. Realmente, en portugués hicieron una tradución libre de la palabra. Decimos “produtos orgânicos” y no ecologicos. Pero es la misma cosa. ¿Qué es megarollo en ese otro sentido? Ustedes están haciendo propaganda del Carrefour, es? jeje. El Corte Inglés lo conozco por una novela que leí en un libro. Una pregunta: ¿gente que habla portugués visita mucho el sitio de ustedes? Puede parecer una tontería… pero ¿quieren algo de ayuda para expandir el servicio de ustedes para la gente que habla portugués? Me quedaré encantado si parecer interesante a ustedes eso. Espero contacto para una conversación más significativa. Hasta luego o también en portugués até mais ver!

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