Free Spanish Wine Phrases Report!

Our Iberian wine expert friends Ryan and Gabriella asked us to come up with a quick report full of fun Spanish wine phrases. It’s short and sweet (like a fine Vino Blanco ūüėČ ), and before I explain what this is all about, you should download the report right now via this link:

Spanish Wine Phrases Report PDF

Got the report? Great. Ryan and Gabriella asked us to put this together to accompany an event later this month called ‘Twitter Taste Live’, which basically involves people all over the world trying Spanish wines while ‘tweeting’ about it on Twitter!

No idea what that means?!

Well, Twitter is a ‘micro-blogging’ website that is on its way to being as massive as Facebook – the first thing to do is to sign up and follow me (Ben) on Twitter here:

Following me now? Great! As well as Tweeting for the wine event, I’ll try and post some cool snippets and photos from Spain there regularly. Finally, you can get more info on the Twitter Taste Live event (April 24th at 6pm-8pm GMT) at

¬°Saludos desde un Madrid muy soleado!


P.S. More on “Al Pan pan, y al vino vino”, mentioned in our newsletter but not in the report, in this thread in our forum.

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6 thoughts on “Free Spanish Wine Phrases Report!

  1. Paulina

    En 2003-2004, he tomado aprendiendo espa√Īol. Me gusta el idioma demasiado. No me pregunta las razones ¬ŅPor qu√©?, porque no me tengo nada. Tengo que quiero aprender siempre espa√Īol. Fui dif√≠cil por m√≠ hacer el tiempo para los deberes, tiene en cuenta el horario ocupado, pero acab√© tres niveles. Aunque estuve fuera de moda desde 2004, sient√© con mis libros y desde Julio √ļltimo y intente hacer revisar el b√°sico nivel uno. El b√°sico nivel uno cubre el presente indicativo.

  2. Richardksa

    The wine at the English towns is, shall we say, not of the highest quality, the catering being done on quite a strict budget. So how would one translate this recent comment from a Yorkshire Anglo: “This wine’s so sour I wouldn’t put it on my chips”.

  3. Ben Post author

    @Richard – great comment!

    @Erik – oops, thanks – damn spell-checker didn’t work! Fixed now!

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