The Most Amazing Spanish Learning Ideas Ever – Free Report

When we asked for ideas about what you planned to do to improve your Spanish massively in one week, we had no idea how incredible the response would be!

Katie, who helps out with our contact and support pages, has helped me organise all your ideas into a free report that can only be called “The Most Amazing Spanish Learning Ideas Ever!”

Download the report now for free:

To download the pdf, just click on this link below (in some browsers you may have to right-click on the link and choose ‘save link/taget as’)

The Most Amazing Spanish Learning Ideas Ever! – PDF

Please feel free to pass this amazing resource on to friends and other Spanish learners via Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon – anywhere you can! Friends will thank you for it!

14 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Spanish Learning Ideas Ever – Free Report

  1. Lobo

    Wow! What a concept! I am going to be using a lot of these. Congrats Ben for conceptualizing this.

  2. ziena

    QUE bien!!!!!!! muchiiiisimas Gracias!
    it is a very good step and amazing way in increasing our spanish language background! : )

  3. Lisa

    Now I wish I would have taken the survey! I feel SO left out. : (

    El informe gratuito es fantástico!

  4. Wendy

    What a great source of inspiration! I’ve been learning and teaching foreign languages most of my life, but this has even taught me a few things! Thank you so much for a really useful resource.

  5. nuttyml


    I recently subscribed to this newsletter and just want to drop the editors a few lines.

    First, thank you for this site. I am a newbie to Spanish and am learning by immersion. I have bought Gloria Estefan, Laura Pausini and Mana cds. I subscribed to simpre mujer magazine. I do not of course understand all the lyrics or articles but I am putting your suggestions in action. I am trying to translate some articles during the week to get comfortable with reading and understanding the context.

    I appreciate your input because I get to hear and see conversational Spanish in action – I actually retain more when I see your podcasts and read your newsletter.

    mantener trabajo bueno (I think?? Keep up the good work)

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