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Isabel and The Secret to better writing in Spanish

Watch the video and read the important steps below:

The video talks about how recent blog comments mentioned how hard it can be to write in Spanish. As I explain, about 5 years ago Marina used to laugh at emails I wrote in Spanish to a translation agency, even saying at the beginning “you write like a 5 year-old Spanish child!!”

However, I soon found that by just writing more, and getting Marina to help out with mistakes, I was getting much much better at writing in Spanish, and it actually became easy, and even fun!

So, we’ve enlisted Isabel, a friend of Marina’s, to come into our forum (at sister-site once a day to join in the conversations, and help out with queries and corrections.

Here are the steps we really hope you will take now to join in, and experience a huge transformation with your Spanish:

1. Register in the forum via this link (takes 1 minute!!)

2. Say hi to Isabel in this thread

3. Join in with and hopefully start new posts in the Spanish speaking section of the forum

4. Pop in once a day to join in the conversations and see a huge improvement in your Spanish writing confidence!

(Remember to say something like ‘corrections welcome’ in your forum signature if you want help with mistakes!)

That’s all! We really hope you will join us for this, I’ll be there writing too (and getting corrected I hope!)

See you in the forum! Ben

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