Inspired Beginners Spanish Podcast 25 – Robo en Valencia

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Today we look at the Past Perfect in Spanish, which allows us to order events in the past when we are telling a story (like “the robbers had left when the police arrived” in English).

Saludos desde Madrid!

Ben y Marina
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9 thoughts on “Inspired Beginners Spanish Podcast 25 – Robo en Valencia

  1. chris connelly

    Ben and Marina thanks for another great podcast and for keeping me really inspired. I only started learning spanish back in January and with your help I am progressing well. I have now moved onto your intermediate podcasts and understanding alot of the conversations. Your podcasts really are inspirational keep’ em coming!

  2. ben Post author

    Hi Chris, that’s great, I’m really glad we are helping and that you’ve made the jump up to intermediate. Next stop, Advanced!

  3. Gwen Poulson

    Hola Ben y Marina,
    He escuchado a algunas de sus conferencias.
    Me gusta much que Uds. hablan tan claramente como locutores in la tele.
    Tambien, hablan un poco mas despacito del comun, lo que ayuda mucho a los principantes como yo.
    Hasta ahora me cuesta mucho entender a la gente quien habla muy rapido.
    Uds. son profesores excelentes.

  4. maureen

    Queridos Ben y Mariana,
    Muchí­ssima gracias por todo de lo que estais haciendo para los que esten aprendiendo el Espanol. He estado eschuchando a sus podcasts desde hace un ano y me han ayudado mucho. Le primera vez que echuchí¨ a uno de los podcasts avanzados, pensé que nunca iba a poder entenderlos pero tras de haber eschucado todos los podcasts de inspired beginners y los intermediates puedo entenderlos con facilidad. Me encanta le mannera que siempre incluyeis unas frases de “really cool Spanish”. Además, acabo de comprar el Real Spanish Phrase Book y me encanta. Es una moda divertida y relajante de aprender mas y sonar mas como una Espanola.
    Gracias otra vez por todo,

  5. marina

    Muchí­simas gracias, Maureen y Gwen por vuestros comentarios tan positivos!!! A Ben y a mi nos alegra mucho poder ayudaros a progresar con el aprendizaje del Español.

    Saludos desde Madrid,

  6. Yumi

    Hi, Marina & Ben!
    I found your HP by chance, browsing some spanish phrases to learn before my trip to Spain next September. I’m amazed by the quality of your work, you make the learning process practical, useful and very interesting, I love the colloquial expressions! The sound quality and your clear pronunciation are a plus! I can follow even the advanced level because my mother language is portuguese and it’s quite similar, although I can’t speak or write spanish.
    About this Podcast theme, it’s the only problem “messing” my trip. I’m horrified by SO many stories about pickpockets in Madrid and Barcelona that I’m almost changing my destination to anywhere else. It’d be a pity because Spain was always my dream trip… but although I know I might be making the problem bigger than it really is, it annoys me a lot! I can’t even pretend I’m not a tourist because I look japanese, I guess the most target victims. My husband loves photography and takes big cameras and lenses to trips. I guess by no means one can change lens in touristic spots 🙁
    Well, I’ll see if I can overcome this fear…
    Again, congratulations to you and especially to Ben for being able to master the spanish language in a short period of time!

  7. ben Post author

    Hi Yumi,

    Don’t worry, it isn’t all that bad! You just have to be alert in the big cities, and not carry too many valuable things with you. Avoid busy metro trains and don’t carry a backpack and you should be fine. It’s just as bad in London and Paris!

    Saludos from Madrid,


  8. Jason

    Estas de acuerdo. Aqui en los estados unidos “purse” significa la bolsa que llevan las mujeres, y el lugar en donde se guarda el dinero se llama “wallet”. Lo siento por el dinero que perdiste, Marina. Muchisimas gracias por hacer todos estos podcasts. Me encantan y me ayudan mucho en aprender el espanol!

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