Advanced Spanish Podcast 92 – Las Olimpiadas de China

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As China prepares for the Olympics, protests erupt around the world. But are we all blameless these days? Listen to the podcast and comment below!

Saludos desde Madrid!
Ben y Marina

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16 thoughts on “Advanced Spanish Podcast 92 – Las Olimpiadas de China

  1. Muhammad Ibrahim

    Hi. I wanna learn spanish language . How i can learn basic please.
    . guide me

  2. Mark

    You guys are the best, I’m out here on the west coast of USA (Washington, Oregon) and I’ve been playing you on my I-pod as I drive my big truck (105,500 lbs). I’m just starting out with spanish and wish you had more beginner levels of Podcast. But even so on the long snow cover nights you keep me from falling a sleep at the wheel. Best Mark

  3. kathy

    I love these new podcasts about current events. I polish my Spanish and get the news all at once! Thanks!

  4. ben Post author

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks so much for the message! We’ll be back soon with more Beginners podcasts!


  5. ben Post author

    Kathy – I’m really glad you enjoy them so much!

    Muhammad – Try our Inspired Beginners podcasts!

  6. Jaime Lavie

    May I compliment you on the quality of your Ipods ? Both content and presentation are way better than most of what is offered elsewhere. The two of you really make a great team.

    Btw : do you speak English at home? I’m surprised at some of the errors that Ben is still making after having lived for so long in Spain. Often though, they are very interesting, because they signal the exact vocabulary and grammatical rules that are more difficult for most SL-learners. You could start a database “Ben’s Errors” and use it as a source of inspiration for future lessons! 🙂

    Speaking of future lessons, maybe you could even start another course alltogether, focussed entirely on grammatical aspects of the language.

    To end, I would also like to compliment you on the open, intelligent and honest way in which you treat sensitive subjects.

    Congratulations and keep up the good work !


  7. TJ Thompson

    Thanks for the podcasts! I’m studying for the AP Spanish Language exam which will be held tomorrow, and I’m pleased to say that I can finally understood a good portion of your advanced podcasts.

    ¡Gracias por todo!

  8. ben Post author

    @Jaime, thanks for your kind comments. We speak a mixture of English and Spanish at home, but yes, I do still make occasional errors. Luckily everyone finds them quite useful! As for grammar lessons, you might like some of our Inspired Beginners podcasts, even at your Advanced level.

    @TJ, I’m really please you have got up to the Advanced level, good luck with the exam!

  9. Loren

    I’m with TJ! I’m in AP Spanish as well, and my exam was May 6th. My class has been listening to your podcasts all semester, and they helped us so much! This is our last set of podcasts, since it is the last week of school (FINALLY). So thank you so much, and I will be listening to you guys’ podcasts for as long as I can – even though I’m done with spanish until college. I’m going to minor in it. So, thanks for all the help!

  10. Paulo

    Hola todos. Yo creo que los deportes, hoy en dia, son un gran medio para hacer dinero, y las olimpiadas aun más.

  11. Paulo

    Cambié mi opinión. Estoy gustando ver las olimpiadas, especialmente la actuación del judo brasileño.

  12. ben Post author

    @Melissa, sometimes iTunes annoyingly shuts off access to earlier podcasts. The thing to do then is to unsubscribe (delete the podcast) then resubscribe via the page for the podcast in the iTunes podcast directory, and you should be able to access all of them again.

  13. Annie

    Me gusta sus podcasts porque estoy en espanol cinco y la clase nos requiere a hacer tarea independiente donde nosotros aprendemos en nuestro tiempo por la computadora. A mi profesora le gusta la tarea cuando nosotros escuchamos a espanol y acentos diferentes porque es dificil a escuchar espanol en los estados unidos (cuando no estamos en clase por supuesto). Me gusta las temas y puedo comprender mucho cuando ustedes hablan. Gracias para su trabajo. He aprendido mucho.

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