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Advanced Spanish Podcast 24 – Que se escapa el gato!

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Day 24 of the Spanish sponsored podcast marathon to help raise money for charities in India and the UK. Click here for more info on this charity series.

Today’s Notes Weather vocab… Phrases for saying it’s cold: Hace un frio que pela. Hace un frio que te mueres. Hace un frio que corta el cutis (old-fashioned). Hace un frio que te cagas (uncouth!!). Un copo de nieve – snowflake. Un temporal (de frio) – storm/perod of severe weather. Una ola de frio/de calor – cold spell/heatwave. Hay ventisca – here’s a blizzard. Agua-nieve – sleet. La sierra esta nevada – the mountains are covered in snow. ¡Que se escapa el gato! – Don’t let the warmth out!

This morning Marina called me ‘un paleto!’ Why? Because to ask directions I said ‘¿Pa’ la catedral?’ instead of ‘¿Para la catedral por favor?’ Oh well!

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