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Advanced Spanish Podcast 19 – Sound seeing to barajas

[Download MP3]

Day 19 of the Spanish sponsored podcast marathon to help raise money for charities in India and the UK. Click here for more info on this charity series.

Today’s Notes – Sorry this is a day late – I’m in the Uk and arrived too late to upload the podcast last night. Words of the day: Estoy agobiado – ‘This is all too much!’, Huelga – ‘strike’, Estoy agotado – I’m exhausted. Hope you enjoyed this sound seeing experience (best listened too with ear-buds for full binaural stereo effect) – let me know in the comments below!

There may be another day’s delay before the next Notes in Spanish, again because I’m in the Uk – but we’ll keep to the promise, 31 podcasts in 31 (or 32…) days!

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