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Inner Circle Yearly Membership
Inner Circle Yearly Membership× 1
US$ 927.00 / year
US$ 927.00
Subtotal US$ 927.00
Total US$ 927.00 (includes US$ 160.88 VAT)

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The most valuable, friendly, and fluency-boosting Spanish-learning experience on the internet – speeding you along to the very best, fluent, Spanish-speaking life you can imagine.

Your Membership Includes

  • Inner-circle only insider videos
  • Monthly fluency-boosting themes
  • Exclusive super-friendly private community
  • Spanish discussion and corrections
  • Grammar tips
  • Ben and Marina Coaching tips
  • Watch parties
  • Early access to ‘In real life’ events
  • 30 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

What They’re Saying

“Ben and Marina are skilled and talented language teachers and their personal charm makes learning a joy!


My Spanish dramatically improved after finding Notes in Spanish, and I continue eagerly anticipating every new audio and video that Ben and Marina publish!”


“Keeps the learning interesting, far better than any other method, plus it means I can visit my friends in Spain and have them be surprised at the progress I have made. Very highly recommended.


“Notes in Spanish is a great tool. I have gone from Inspired Beginner to practically fluent with the help of this program. Ben and Marina are smart and witty, I feel like they are friends; I have gotten to know them so well. I have used many on-line and self-study programs and this is my favorite.”


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