“Learn All The Spanish Vocab And Grammar You Need To Become Fluent, Fast”

The “Inspired Beginners Super Pack” gives you every worksheet for every show so far, guaranteeing you quickly advance with your Spanish.

From: Ben and Marina in Madrid

¡Hola Inspired Spanish Learner!

Trying to remember the huge amount of vocab and grammar that we throw at you in our Inspired Beginners podcasts can be difficult! But don’t worry:

We’ve written down absolutely everything for you!

The worksheets in this Super Pack include all the key vocabulary and grammar from every show, plus a full transcript and translation of the real Spanish conversation in each episode, so you don’t miss out on a single Spanish word or phrase.

I would recommend this product to anyone…

The worksheets have provided a great reference to return to time and again and have helped transfer a ton of Spanish into my long term memory. I feel much more competent when speaking Spanish now. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to speak Spanish authentically and with confidence.”

Ted Pastrick, Los Angeles, USA

Warning: More "Real Spanish Phrases" Inside

If you enjoy the "Real Spanish Phrases" we add at the end of every podcast, then you'll be pleased to hear that we include even more Real Spanish at the end of every worksheet.

These are the genuine Spanish phrases being used right now by Spanish Speakers out on the street.

The worksheets do make an enormous difference…

The worksheets were as I expected or better. They add to the podcasts as it is easy to miss things when only listening or not know how a word is spelled, for example. As great as the podcasts are, the worksheets do make an enormous difference.”

Liz Johnson, Vinuela, Spain

Which worksheets are included in this pack?

Inspired Beginners Worksheet Pack

The Inspired Beginners Super Pack includes all the worksheets produced to date at the Inspired Beginners level, covering episodes 1 to 30.

That's everything we've produced so far, 30 great worksheets filled with the real language and vocabulary you need to give a solid grounding to your Spanish.

A Complete Record: Ser and Estar, Por and Para, Past Tenses and More!

We've carefully listed all of the grammar used in the Ser and Estar and Por and Para episodes so that you have the perfect record for your learning materials archive. But that's just a fraction of this extensive Spanish vocabulary and grammar record. We've also covered:

  • Great Spanish Conversation Starters
  • All of the past tenses in Spanish
  • Different ways of talking about the future
  • Ways to talk about your holidays, family, city, and home
  • Useful vocab for meeting people and discussing your interests
  • Practical travel vocabulary
  • Endless real Spanish phrases and much more besides

Vocabulary building exercises in every worksheet are designed to further extend your Spanish vocabulary on all of these subjects.

I find the material is brilliant…

I've only recently got my hands on the full Inspired Beginners worksheets and I must say I find the material is brilliant. I've previously struggled for two years with various courses and textbooks, trying to get beyond beginner level, and I really wish I had heard about Notes in Spanish much sooner.”

Bill Tomlinson

We all know that people are different and learn in various ways. I am a person who does not need the encouragement to learn Spanish, just the right tools. The way the worksheets are produced is ideal for me and they have vastly improved the way I see and learn the language. I have attended a language school in Malaga and have a couple of other books, but I still carry the worksheets with me on business etc and can always just pick them up and read them.”

Doug Jenkins, Ledsham Village near Chester, UK

I started from zero with Spanish Courses from Audible which gave me a good start but NO idea of accents or of how to listen – I needed REAL SPANISH. The podcasts were great but I still didn’t “hear” properly. A second listening with the transcripts and tips in the worksheets really helped. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to learn usable Spanish – my husband is already a convert and I’ll be singing your praises to my new Spanish Class.”

Lorna, Scotland

I REALLY wanted to improve my schoolgirl level Spanish. Your worksheets are wonderful and they have helped enormously, as I feel the need to SEE the words I am hearing before they really sink in. My confidence in my ability to make myself understood and to express myself has risen sharply. I would recommed the worksheets to ANYONE who wants to learn real Spanish.”

Liza Kirwan, England

Your Free, Valuable Bonus Materials!

This pack also includes:

  • Access to audio flashcards and accompanying pdfs for Inspired Beginners Season 1, allowing you to test yourself on and remember far more of the key phrases from Season 1.
  • A special bonus episode: our exclusive "Spanish Learners Tips and Tricks" podcast, filled with ideas that ensure you easily learn more Spanish a lot faster!

Instant Digital Delivery Straight to Your Inbox

The worksheets in this pack are delivered in the universal PDF format. You will be able to start using these materials within minutes of completing the purchase process, when instant download instructions arrive in your Inbox.

Notes in Spanish Guarantee

Our Simple, No Hoops To Jump Through, No Risk, 100% One Year Money Back Guarantee

If during ONE FULL YEAR from the date of your purchase, you don’t think that using these materials with our audio has really helped to improve your Spanish, just let us know and we will give you a complete refund. We are so convinced that our materials will help you significantly improve your Spanish, that we are delighted to offer this 100%, 365 Day total money back guarantee.

5 Good Reasons To Get This Pack

  • You get a complete record of all the key vocab and grammar used in our audio
  • The full transcript and translation of our Spanish conversation means you miss nothing
  • These worksheets have helped other Spanish learners like you progress much faster with Spanish
  • You will jump up to and beyond the Intermediate level much sooner
  • The extra cool Spanish phrases mean you sound really Spanish, today!

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Wishing you the best of luck with your Spanish,

Ben and Marina

P.S. By investing in this pack you’ll be entering into what somebody once called Planeta Notes in Spanish.

This is the exciting language learning universe we have created with only one thing in mind:

To take you up to an Advanced level of Spanish in as short a time as possible.

See you on the inside!

You must buy the worksheets!

If you are a serious student and want to get the most you can from this program, you must buy the worksheets. The written reinforcement from the translations and the vocabulary make this a great learning tool.”

James, Near Los Angeles, USA