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How Would You Like to Learn ALL the Real Spanish You’ll Never Find in a Textbook or “Big-Name App”, to get totally Fluent and Confident in Spanish MUCH faster?

So you never sound like a “lost tourist” or get the “I’ll never understand you” look from native speakers ever again!

This is your complete Path to Spanish Fluency – So you understand fast Spanish speakers, and chat back to them in real, authentic Spanish, that makes them say “Wow! How did you learn to speak Spanish so well?”

Prepared by World-Leaders in Real Spanish Learning

Ben and Marina – World Leaders in Real Spanish Learning

¡Hola Amigos!

It’s Ben and Marina here, founders of Notes in Spanish.

We started the world’s first ever Spanish-teaching podcast pretty much when podcasts were invented, and have had over 40 MILLION podcast downloads.

We’ve served 25,000+ happy customers with our Spanish learning courses, helping tens of thousands of Spanish learners like you reach fluency and confidence through these world-famous podcasts and courses.

Do you recognise these Spanish-Learning Challenges?

From conversations with thousands of our students over the years, we understand the major challenges facing Spanish learners:

…Do you find it difficult to understand fast-talking Spanish speakers?
…Do you find it hard to feel confident speaking Spanish?
…Do you constantly have to translate in your head?
…Do you feel frustrated at being stuck at your current level?

“I’ve been there!” Ben’s Spanish Struggles…

In my first weeks and months in Spain, way before I met Marina, Spanish was a continuous challenge!

I wandered the streets feeling a bit out of place, extremely shy, and when presented with a fast-speaking Spanish speaker – a shop assistant, waiter, friendly local person – I was frustrated, fumbling for words, stuck translating phrases slowly in my head, feeling totally unconfident….

And forget about groups of Spanish speakers – that was a nightmare!

Then I met Marina and everything started to change…

An Olive to the Head! How Ben met Marina…

One night I (Ben) was in a wild Andalusian sherry bar in Madrid, when something small and hard hit me on the side of my head…

It was an olive pit! (The Spanish call them ‘huesos de aceitunas‘ olive stones!) It’d been thrown by Marina, a lovely Spanish chica I’d met briefly, month’s before, in the English academy where I worked…

Is that how Spanish girls get a guy’s attention?! I thought, somewhat terrified!

Marina came over (grinning!) and we chatted until 3 am. Before she left, we swapped numbers and arranged to start an Intercambio language exchange.

Over the coming weeks we’d get together in bars, chat for half the time in English, half in Spanish, and soon we were novios – a couple!

We started having more and more interesting Spanish conversations (later we started recording them as podcasts for you!) Marina was pointing out all the important Spanish words I needed to know (as we do for you in this course!), and my Spanish was flourishing.

Being immersed in real Spanish conversations, with someone there to help me recognise the really important bits, hugely improved my ability to understand, and speak, real Spanish in real-world situations.

Before long I was able to:

– Start understanding faster Spanish conversations
– Slowly get to grips with and understand groups of Spanish speakers
– Have the right words ready in my head when I needed them (no more brain-freeze!)
No longer feel frustrated and stuck.
– Feel way more confident and fluent with my Spanish Speaking!

All this from being involved with so much Real Spanish!

The Solution: Fascinating Real Spanish Conversations

Ben’s Spanish became properly fluent not from classes, exams, textbooks or apps, but from being surrounded by really interesting Real Spanish conversations with Marina, her family, and our Spanish friends.

Over the years, it’s helped Ben to:

Enjoy chatting fluently at endless Spanish lunches, dinner parties and nights out with Marina and our Spanish friends

Understand what they all are saying at full speed!

Feel totally at home in Spanish cities, towns and villages, bars, restaurants and shops

– Gain massive insight into Spanish-speaking culture

– Work as a Spanish-English translator and interpreter

– Even get paid to write in Spanish for a Spanish motorbike magazine!

But MOST important of all is this:

The feeling of real Spanish confidence, in almost any situation, with any group of people. All from being surrounded by lots of really interesting Real Spanish conversations!

And you guys? How our Students’ lives have changed…

We’ve been using our natural, unscripted Spanish conversations on a huge variety of interesting topics to teach students at all levels for over 16 years…

With the same results that Ben has experienced: Fluency, Real Spanish Confidence, and incredible real-life Spanish-speaking experiences.

In fact, we get a constant stream of emails and comments from students like you, telling us how their lives have changed. Here are some of our favourites:

Surprising friends in Spain…

I can not recommend Notes in Spanish enough… far better than any other method. It means I can visit my friends in Spain and have them be surprised at the progress I have made. Very highly recommended.

Jennifer F.

“Helped me to tune in to what the locals were saying”

I have been visiting [Spain] the last few years and trying hard to converse in Spanish, but it was Marina and Ben’s audios that helped me most to tune in to what the locals were saying. The audios give you so much practice at listening to real Spanish in full flow, as against the staged, somewhat stilted and artificial conversations of other courses.

Sahlan D.

“My problem was hearing spoken Spanish”

My problem was always hearing spoken Spanish when a native speaker replied to me. Notes in Spanish has addressed this common issue, I’m very pleased.


“Couldn’t ask for more!”

Wow – couldn’t ask for more! Certainly inspired me and amazed myself by beginning to understand and move on so quickly. Highly recommended.


“From Inspired beginner to practically fluent

‘Notes in Spanish’ is a great tool. I have gone from Inspired beginner to practically fluent with the help of this program. I have used many on-line and self-study programs and this is my favorite.


“I have a whole bunch of Spanish friends”

A friend of mine recommended Notes in Spanish … I really started to learn useful and relatable vocabulary and grammar, that made me able to connect with people, and really make friends and immerse myself into the Spanish culture. [Now] I think for the most part I’m fluent… and have a whole bunch of Spanish friends!


The Whole Enchilada

Here’s what we’ve got for you…

This Course is Your Complete Path to Spanish Fluency and Confidence, from Wherever You Are Now!

Whole Enchilada

“The Whole Enchilada” contains the 200+ worksheets that accompany all our main podcast audio levels – Inspired Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Gold, in a carefully structured learning pack that will guide you easily from wherever you are now to full advanced fluency.

The worksheets that accompany our real, unscripted conversations cover a massive range of real-world topics: Spanish-speaking culture, film, music, tech., society, history, Spain, books, psychology, travel… and more. So you feel confident understanding and talking about all these topics in Spanish.

The full transcripts for every episode mean that you miss none of the wealth and depth of Spanish language (and culture!) in our conversations and become a real Spanish expert.

The key vocab and grammar lists for every episode, where we pull out the key words and phrases we know you need to know mean you understand native speakers so much better, and know the perfect words to say back to them!

The exercises and discussion questions mean you remember it all!

Plus, we include study guides for the main levels so you get fluent much faster.

Let’s break it down: What’s included in the course?

ALL the worksheets for our main podcast levels:

– Notes in Spanish Inspired Beginners 1 to 30
– Notes in Spanish Intermediate 1 to 46
– Notes in Spanish Advanced Season 1, 35 to 96 (we started at 35!)
– Notes in Spanish Advanced Season 2, 1 to 20
– Notes in Spanish Advanced Season 3, 1 to 14
– Notes in Spanish Gold Season 1, 1 to 28
– Notes in Spanish Gold Season 2, 1 to 24
– Notes in Spanish Conversations transcripts 1 to 13

That’s over 200 worksheets packed with the real, genuine Spanish we love to teach at Notes in Spanish!

The 30 Inspired Beginners worksheets include grammar essentials (ser/estar, por/para, past tenses, future and more), transcript and translation of our real conversation, vocab notes and ‘Cool Spanish’ phrases section.

The 46 Intermediate worksheets include a full transcript of the Spanish conversation, a detailed vocab list of the words and phrases you need to know, useful exercises, and discussion questions.

The 140+ Advanced and Gold worksheets also include a full Spanish transcript, the detailed vocab list of the words and phrases you need to know, useful exercises, and discussion questions.

The 13 “NIS Conversations” worksheets include a full transcript, and a detailed vocab list of the most important words and phrases.

– That’s over 200 worksheets packed with the real, genuine Spanish we love to teach you at Notes in Spanish! The real Spanish that leads to real fluency and confidence!

What all this is going to do for your Spanish:


This carefully designed system will take you right up to the highest level, building up every aspect of your Spanish knowledge and fluency with this huge listening, grammar and vocabulary resource.

As well as covering the grammar essentials (ser/estar, por/para, past tenses etc) we already have you learning with real conversations at this level.

You’ll feel secure and happy knowing you’re on a proven track to the highest level of Spanish fluency and confidence, that’s helped thousands of students at your level reach fluency already.

You’ll start to feel confident in Spanish-speaking situations, knowing you have the skills to understand and contribute so much more than you ever thought possible.


This is the ‘dreaded plateau’ level, where it’s so easy to get stuck. Not with us! This pack will help you step effortlessly off the intermediate plateau up to an Advanced level much faster than you ever imagined!

So you can understand fast Spanish speakers at last… So you can beat the ‘inner translator’ block, accessing the right words much faster, and start actually chatting confidently in Spanish!

By focusing fully on our real conversations from here on, you’ll be well-versed in a huge range of topics. You’ll start to jump into and understand real Spanish conversations on multiple subjects, and start collecting amazing real-life Spanish experiences.


This is where you become not just a fluent Spanish learner, but a Spanish EXPERT.

You’ll be gaining a huge DEPTH of real Spanish and Spanish-speaking culture from our Advanced and ‘Conversations’ worksheets.

Plus, you get the benefit of being able to dip into the extensive wealth of real Spanish word lists, phrases, and grammar reviews also included in the other levels. All totally applicable to your level and guaranteed to give you hight-level fluency in real-life situations.

As you become a real Spanish Expert, the real-life conversations and experiences this course opens up for you are infinite! Experiences, places, people, friends, connections and conversations you’ll remember for a lifetime.

“The Real Spanish Effect”


This is what you are going to start hearing (…our students tell us this all the time!):

“Wow, ¿quién te ha enseñado español?! ¡Hablas muy bien! – Wow, who taught you Spanish?! You speak really well!

“¡Tu español está fenomenal!” – Your Spanish is amazing!


When you learn Spanish using these these real Spanish conversations and worksheets, you’re no longer speaking ‘App-Spanish’, or ‘Textbook Spanish’. You no longer sound ‘Lost-Touristy’!

Now you enter any Spanish situation with a new confidence that is difficult to describe – but can be summed up in one word:

“Felicidad” – Happiness!

(And native Spanish Speakers are really impressed!)

JULY-ONLY BONUS! “Spanish Speaking Success Masterclass Video (Value: $100)

Spanish Speaking Success

– A Masterclass in how to Speak with more fluency and gain massive speaking confidence.

– How to deal with the toughest speaking challenges, like speaking in groups!

– Plus, the Key role of intercambios, using phrases you love, and the wonderful thing about mistakes (with a big mother-in-law-related confession from Ben!)

– This Masterclass contains 17-years of Spanish Speaking Success Secrets, and is guaranteed to boost your fluency fast!

Bonus 2: “Real Spanish Control” – Your Expert Listening System (Value: $100)

Real Spanish Control includes:

– 6 core coaching modules on Technology, Travel, Lifestyle, Environment, and Culture, in a system carefully designed to help you dramatically increase your Spanish listening skills and confidence.

We teach you 5 crucial learning techniques for improving your Spanish acquisition and comprehension skills – you’ll learn more, faster and easily get more of what Spanish speakers are saying.

Plus we include one of our favourite ‘secret’ tips for massively accelerating your Spanish learning. Ideal for Inspired Beginner and Intermediate students.

BONUS 3: “Real Spanish Audios” Collection! (Value: $97)

Audio Bonus 1: How to Sound Really Spanish Mp3 – words and phrases that will let you fit in with the locals in seconds.

Audio Bonus 2: Tips and Tricks Podcast Mp3 – Top Secret (and highly effective) ways of learning a lot more Spanish, a lot faster!

Audio Bonus 3: Inspired Beginners Audio Flash Cards – Explode your vocabulary and pronunciation with these exclusive audio flashcards.

Audio Bonus 4: The infamous ‘One Hour Private Lesson With Ben and Marina’ Audio – may be worth the price of the Whole Enchilada Pack alone!

Plus! Audio Bonus 5: The Gold Bonuses – 13 Spanish-Packed Q and A audios full of Spanish learning tips, super-useful vocab, and more

BONUS 4: The Whole Enchilada App!
Put This Course in your Pocket! (Value: $200)

As well as following the course on desktop, you can put the whole Course on your phone or tablet with the Notes in Spanish Courses App. At last, an app that teaches you Real Spanish!! So you always have Real Spanish with you on the go!

“But I don’t know if I have time for this right now…”

It comes down to this… Where will your Spanish be in one year’s time if you don’t start using these materials today? You might do a lot of Big-name-App exercises, take a few classes, read some books, but none of it is going to come close to giving you the real-conversation-based fluency and confidence we’ve been teaching student’s for over a decade. In a year’s time, there’s a good chance you won’t be much further down the line…

Where will your Spanish be in one year’s time if you start right now?

Quick Story: Ryan was living in Spain, with his Spanish wife, he bought our “Whole Enchilada”, and ignored it for 5 years thinking “I don’t need this, I live in Spain!” Then one day he started working on the course, and emailed us almost immediately:

“I arrived in Madrid about five years ago and bought your Whole Enchilada package – I only started to use it last week! – Pero bueno, in one week, I’ve doubled my Spanish language abilities! Thank you! – Ryan

Don’t wait as long as Ryan did! Start doubling your Spanish today! Imagine how good your Spanish will be a year from now!

You’ll be understanding fast Spanish speakers, having memorable conversations in Spanish, no longer stuck for words!

But, like Ryan, it won’t take a year to see these results!

Una oferta de locos… – Our crazy offer!

It would take years of travelling to or living in Spanish-speaking countries to get the fluency-boosting range and depth of real Spanish in this course. It would take hundreds of hours of expensive private classes to get close to all the contents of these audios and worksheets, and you can’t even pay to sit down with me and Marina and have us point out all the important Spanish you need to know – plus how best to learn it – and that’s exactly what we do in this course!

We are obsessed with you getting fluent and confident in Spanish as soon as possible, so we’ve decided, for a limited period, to offer this crazy deal:

What you get, value in:Value in $ USDValue in £ GBP
Inspired Beginners Worksheets$99£90
Intermediate Worksheets$99£90
Advanced Worksheets$99£90
Gold Worksheets$99£90
Conversations Worksheets$99£90
September-Only Bonus$100£91
Bonus 2: Real Spanish Control$100£91
Bonus 3: “Real Spanish Audios” Collection$97£89
Bonus 4: The Whole Enchilada App$200£180
Total Value:$992£901


Normal Price: US$ 992.00

Now: US$ 247.00

¿Te lo puedes creer?Can you believe it? You get all these life-changing materials, that will take you all the way to full Spanish Confidence and Fluency, for the price of about 5 private classes! It’s crazy!

Instant Access – Right Now!

You’ll be using the outstanding materials in this course and vastly improving your Spanish right now, on any device, as soon as you complete the purchase process. The huge wealth of real Spanish in this course are waiting for you! Let’s get going!

“Do you have a guarantee?”

¡Por Supuesto! – Of Course! In fact, we have TWO Guarantees for you!

Guarantee 1: 14-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee

Dig in to this course and we absolutely guarantee you’ll learn a huge amount of Spanish from us, and if you don’t, just email us and we’ll give you your money back, it’s as simple as that.

We are so convinced that this course will help you significantly improve your Spanish, that we are absolutely DELIGHTED to offer you this 100%, 14-Day total money-back guarantee.

Guarantee 2: Full Support for Fluent Success

Our support is Guaranteed. Learning Spanish can have its tricky moments – if you’ve got any questions about the fluency materials and lessons in this course, or how best to proceed, just email us and our support team and coaches will set you on the right track to faster fluency again.

We’ve helped thousands of learners reach full Spanish fluency and confidence, and we really care about you getting there too. So you’re not alone on this journey, if you need us, we’re here to help – we guarantee our support!

How Can We Offer Such A Strong Guarantee?

Because we’ve helped so many people reach fluency with these materials that we absolutely know this course works.

Because this is the method thousands of our students have used from all over the world to get fluent fast.

Imagine you use just one wonderfully phrased piece of authentic Spanish from this course to make a new Spanish friend … to receive congratulations from a native speaker on how good your Spanish is … to impress your friends with how fluent you’ve become while chatting to the waiter or other diners in a Spanish restaurant…

That one moment would be worth the price of this course alone!

And with the two amazing guarantees above, there is absolutely no risk…

Best case: You learn lots of authentic Spanish and have amazing experiences
Worst case: You tell us it isn’t for you and we send your money back…

…But the only thing guaranteed not to help your Spanish is ignoring this amazing course today. So…

¡Vamos! – Go for it! Your rapid progress to fluency is triple-guaranteed.

What to do next – Order Now:

“YES Ben and Marina! Please give me access to The Whole Enchilada – Right Now!”

Start doubling your Spanish right now – don’t wait another minute for the joys of real Spanish fluency and confidence! We don’t know how long we can keep this limited crazy offer available, so:

Click the ‘Buy Now’ Button below, complete the whole payment process, and you will get instant access to the The Whole Enchilada right now (with our 14-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!) – ¡A Por Ello! – Go For It:

Normal Price: US$ 992.00

Now: US$ 247.00




What other students are saying…

Adrienne – Making the most of Spain and chatting to people on her travels

Paul L. – Talks regularly in social chats to his Spanish friends

Ryan – He doubled his Spanish in seven to ten days

Sely – From revising Beginner to Advanced with Notes in Spanish

Paul S. – Chatting and laughing with Spanish neighbours about everyday life

Loni – From zero Spanish to a whole bunch of Spanish friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m an Inspired Beginner, is this right for me?

Yes! This is perfect for you, we’ve taken so many Beginners up to an Advanced level with our materials. Don’t doubt it, go for it! You will never regret making this investment!

I’m Intermediate, is this OK for me?

This is an amazing opportunity for you. It’s the possibility to jump to an Advanced level with your Spanish much, much faster than you thought possible.

Intermediate learners typically get stuck on a language-learning plateau for a long time, and we want to get you straight off that plateau and up to Advanced as fast and efficiently as possible.

You do that by diving in to challenging, real Spanish conversations like these – just what you need to progress fast!

Soon you’re going to be having a whole new advanced-understanding and Real Spanish Confidence experience! Go for it!

I’m Advanced, is this right for me?

Yes! Between the Advanced Seasons 1, 2, and 3, Gold, and ‘NIS Conversations’ episodes, you get over 150 real Spanish worksheets to choose from on a vast variety of topics – so you become fluent in just about everything, and amaze people with the range of your Spanish.

On top of this vast resource at your level, our Advanced students also tell us how valuable it is to dip into the Inspired Beginners grammar review of Por and Para, Ser and Estar, and past tenses. And you have to check the vocab lists for the Intermediate podcasts – the audio is a little slower at that level, but it’s the same real Spanish we use in Advanced, and there is a treasure trove of extra language hidden in those worksheets too.

This is the course that takes you from Advanced to a really proficient and fluent level of Spanish. From here, you can take on almost any situation, group, movie, book, conversation – you reach real Spanish Mastery.

Start today, and within hours your Spanish will have improved with the huge wealth of real language in this course.

I’m surrounded by Latin American Spanish, is it OK that you are speaking Spanish from Spain?

Totally fine! Half our students are based in the States and travel frequently in Latin and South America, and report wonderful success with the Spanish they have learned almost exclusively from us! It’s a bit like the difference between English from the UK and the US – it’s essentially the same language and it’s fun discovering the slight differences.

Can I combine this with other Spanish courses I’m taking?

Absolutely! Lots of our students combine our Real Spanish Conversations approach with other more traditional methods such as online or in-person classes, and the big-name apps.

We think our conversations are essential to use with these other methods, otherwise your Spanish risks staying ‘clunky’ and ‘conventional’ and ‘app-ish’ – we want you to sound authentic, real, to surprise native speakers with the straight-from-the-streets, straight-from-real-life Spanish we teach.

Adding our Real Spanish Conversations to ‘big-name-app Spanish’ has worked for thousands of our students – they’ve written to tell us. And many of them have ditched the big-name apps and gone 100% ‘real’ with us all the way to the top! Start today and you’ll see how much our genuine conversations add!

How long do I have access to the course?

Although it’s impossible to promise ‘lifetime’ access to anything, we plan to make sure you have access to these materials for at least two years, in case you need to download them again, and almost certainly longer.

So there is no hurry – this is self-paced. You can take a month, six months, 2 years… however long you need.

If I sign-up will I be committed to a fixed timetable of study or can I listen and study as/when I am able?

There is no fixed timetable, you can use these worksheets at your own pace. Our study guides will give you lots of ideas on how best to work through the materials if you need guidance.

What if this is not for me? Do you offer a refund?

Yes we do. A full 14-Day refund. If during 14 days from the date of your purchase, you don’t think that using the materials in this course can really help to improve your Spanish, just let us know and we will give you a complete refund – just send an email to our support team: [email protected]

I’m very busy at the moment, is “The Whole Enchilada” Worth it?

We actually think you can’t afford not to use the Whole Enchilada – we think it’ll save you years and hugely accelerate your path to full Spanish fluency and understanding.

Just read a few more of the testimonials below from real Notes in Spanish students. We think this is the best course on the internet, and so do our students! Go for it, you’ll be on the path to full Spanish fluency and confidence today!

More Fantastic Listener Feedback on How Ben and Marina have Transformed the Spanish Learning Experience!

“I feel much more competent when speaking Spanish now”

The worksheets have provided a great reference to return to time and again and have helped transfer a ton of Spanish into my long term memory. I feel much more competent when speaking Spanish now. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to speak Spanish authentically and with confidence.

Ted P.

“My confidence has shot up along with my speaking”

Ben and Marina are gifted teachers, and they conscientiously consolidate vocab and grammar at all levels. I decided to trust them to do this, and they do! My confidence has shot up along with my speaking ability (like osmosis, really!). I’m living in Spain currently, and have been effortlessly chatting to my decorator all week. It’s great! 

Rebecca L

“Ultimately fun!”

Interesting, educational and ultimately fun! Muchas Gracias Ben y Marina!


“Thank you for keeping me motivated!”

I love the way you teach together and make us feel comfortable. Thank you for keeping me motivated!


“Get to know these delightful people”

Thank the heavens that I ran into Ben and Marina… I have acquired more Spanish skills in the brief time listening [to them] than all the other wasted time combined… Get to know these delightful people.


“I am suddenly leaping to the next level”

You have unwittingly stumbled upon a unique and marvellous way of learning a language. I now feel that I am having much more fun with Spanish — which means, of course, that I am suddenly leaping to the next level!


“I would recommend the worksheets to ANYONE”

My confidence in my ability to make myself understood and to express myself has risen sharply. I would recommend the worksheets to ANYONE who wants to learn real Spanish.



So user friendly, yet so effective. 10/10!!


If you have any questions:
just email us here.
We’re delighted to help!

© Notes in Spanish